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Intel is a name that anyone who is into computers has heard of. It is one of the only two brands which makes computer processors for the consumers. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, United States, this brand was founded almost 52 years ago, back in 1968. Ever since then the brand has made a big name in the PC industry. It started out by manufacturing DRAM, SRAM, and ROM, but now, is one of the largest manufacturers of computer processors. The Intel processors list is quite long. But, Core series processors are currently the most popular one, and it is these processors that consumers mostly demand. As of May 2021, the processors range extends upto the Intel Core 11th Generation processors that got very recently.

These latest intel processors are demanded by gamers, professionals, content creators, etc. There are a wide variety of processors each of which are specifically good in certain aspects. For most average users, the Core series processors such as the i3, i5, or i7 will be more than enough. For those who want the best performance, things such as the i9, or the Xeon would be a better pick. Needless to say, the more powerful a processor the more expensive it is. This ensures that regardless of your needs, and your budget, you can get a good CPU from this brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Which Processor would be the best for you?

These processors are available in various configurations. The Intel Core processors, however, are the most popular ones out there. These processors are perfect for most users out there. For entry-level users, the i3 Core processors would be perfect. For mainstream, and those who want more powerful processors, i5 processors are perfect. And, for those who are enthusiasts and want extreme levels of performance, the i7, and i9 processors are the aptest.

How many generations of processors does Intel have?

As of May 2021, the intel processors generations list extends upto the Intel Core 11th Generation processors. The 11th Generation is by far the best that Intel has on offer. It is the Intel latest generation of processors. In terms of performance, the Intel latest generation (11th Generation processors) are better than the intel 10th generation processors in almost every way. Single-core performance, multi-core performance, everything is better with the 11th Generation processors when compared to the older intel 10th generation processors. So, when it comes to the intel processors generations list. As of now, the 11th Generation Core series is the latest one. However, 9th, and 10th Generation processors are still available in the market.

What is the Intel processors price?

The intel processors price or the intel cpu price is something that varies greatly. It can cost a few thousand for the entry-level Pentium processors. Then, come the Intel core processors with the i3 being the cheapest offerings, and the i9 being the most expensive ones. So, to sum it all up, depending on the Intel processor you opt for, the pricing can range from a few thousands of INR to multiple tens of thousands INR.

What are the different series of processors from this brand out there?

The Intel processors list is quite long. It consists of various series of processors for various types of users. Pentium, Celeron, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core, Core X, etc. However, as of now, only the Core series processors are available for the most part. Intel Core i3 processors are for those who want an entry-level PC with ample performance. I5 processors are for those who want better performance. Whereas, i7 and i9 processors are for enthusiasts and those who want the best levels of performance. So, if you are looking for an Intel processor, there is a long intel processors list out there. Choose whichever one suits you the best.

Which is better AMD or Intel?

Intel, and AMD are two manufacturers that have been rivals for long now. These two are the only manufacturers for mainstream computer processors. They are always at par with each other, with one having a lead over the other in certain aspects. But, for the most part, they are both similar. So, to answer the question of “Which is better AMD or Intel?”, the answer will be both. Intel CPU has certain advantages over AMD, and vice versa.

What about Intel i8 processor and Intel i10 processor?

The intel processors list is quite long. It consists of Pentium processors, Core processors, etc. But, as of now, there are no Intel i8 processor, or Intel i10 processor. The only Intel Core processors available out there are the i3, i5, i7, and i9. So, if you are after Core processors, then these are your only options currently.

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