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CosmicByte Earphones & True Wireless

Experience Superior Sound with CosmicByte Earphones & True Wireless


Regarding the sound aspect, True Wireless CosmicByte Earphones & CosmicByte Earphones are suitable for using the high definition sound quality. These earphones have isolators that block all types of interferences to the audio fed to the user. Featuring Bluetooth 5. 0 compatibility, the genuine wireless stereo headphones present a splendid form of wireless freedom without distortion or disruption and a microphone that makes it possible to exercise vocal commands. Particularly the example, a portable charging case, the discussed manifestation provides an average of 20 to 70 hours of playback.


They can be used with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, notebook PC, and portable music player. Android and iOS platforms are used in them, so they can be suitable for any user as much as they are. Bluetooth compatibility and connectivity are among the main features for high operating characteristics.


The CosmicByte Earphones costs approx ₹ 599, which may be easily affordable for such quality Earphones. The True Wireless is currently seeable at approx ₹1,499 regarding the model. Again, it is helpful to refer to the manufactory website to see more up to date offers and coupons if available.


Impregnated with excellent sound quality to go with music, the earphones are meant explicitly for casual listeners and musicians. Proper fit is improved by design and the work done on the touch controls to use the tool. Whether listeners are traveling, exercising, or working, CosmicByte True Wireless Earphones & Earphones have been designed to execute the intended function effectively.

Therefore, CosmicByte Earphones & True Wireless are a perfect combination of quality, compatibility, and price, providing the listener with a high-quality sound experience wherever needed.

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