Asus Graphic Cards

ASUS Graphic Cards - One of The Best That You Can Get

ASUS is one of the most popular and iconic brands in the PC industry. They are popular for their diverse range of products, and one of these is their graphic cards. When we are talking about ASUS graphic cards, there are a tons of options out there, and it won’t be too far-fetched to say that they have some of the best options out there in the market.

Different ASUS Graphic Cards Options Available Right Now

ASUS has both NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards in its product portfolio. Not only do they have all the latest and greatest GPU variants from these manufacturers. But, you even have the option of getting multiple models based on each of these GPUs.

So, it does not matter if you are a fan of NVIDIA or AMD, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Not to mention, since you get the option of choosing a different ASUS display card based on the requirements, you can get multiple options based on the clock speed, number of fans, cooling technology, etc. This will also ensure that you have multiple options regarding the ASUS graphics card price.

What is the ASUS Graphics Card Price Right Now?

Now, when we are talking about the price of these graphics cards from ASUS, there are a number of factors to consider. First, the exact GPU that you are getting matters, a high-end GPU will be much more expensive than entry-range and mid-range options. Secondly, the exact variant that you are getting also matters. For example, the prices between two variants of the same GPU can vary based on the specifications, design, cooling technology, etc.

But, to give you a rough estimate, ASUS graphics card price starts from around 6,000 INR and goes all the way up to more than 2 lakhs INR based on the specifications.

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