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Cooler Master is a Taiwanese company that manufactures various products for PC. It is a very popular brand when it comes to PC components, peripherals, and accessories. The brand initially started out with its components and accessories, but later also started manufacturing a variety of peripherals such as mice, headphones, keyboards, etc.  CoolerMaster products are of high quality, built with reliable, and sturdy components, and are overall a great choice for every type of PC builds. CoolerMaster has tons of options in terms of the budget. Affordable options, mid-range options, and even high-end, enthusiast-grade options. CoolerMaster has it all.

In terms of cabinets, it has various series such as the MasterBox, MasterCase, etc. In terms of PSU, there is the MWE series, V series, etc. Talking of fans there are lots of varieties. There are ones with RGB, ARGB lighting, ones with no lighting, then there are ones with unique blade design, etc. In terms of peripherals, you have the MM series, CK series, MH series, etc. Furthermore, there are also tons of accessories such as cable extension kits, RGB/ARGB hub, fan hubs, etc. So, all in all, there is a large product portfolio under CoolerMaster.

CoolerMaster products are easily available at various retailers all over India. Not only online retail stores but there are several offline stores as well that deal in Cooler Master products. They are very much in demand and can be found easily. What makes Cooler Master products even better is the pricing. The pricing on the products of this brand is just fine. The high-end ones are expensive no doubt in that. However, the entry-level and mid-range ones are quite affordable, and yet have plenty of features and great quality. Thus, these are perfect for those making new PC builds.

If you are looking for a wide variety of products for your PC ranging from peripherals such as mice, keyboards, etc. all the way to big components such as power supply units, and cabinets, then CoolerMaster products are definitely worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does it have a PSU Shroud?

Yes, and no. That totally depends on the specific model. Some CoolerMaster cabinets come with a PSU shroud and others do not.

How can we install the Cooler Master Master Liquid ML 120L RGB?

Installing the CoolerMaser ML120L RGB AIO is quite simple. All you have to do is first install the bracket and then install the main unit. A detailed manual is provided in the box which will make it even easier to understand.

How to pick the best Coolermaster products?

CoolerMaster products are feature-loaded, have the excellent build quality, and are overall perfect for every type of PC builds. There is no picking the best when it comes to Cooler Master, as all of its products are great. However, the more expensive ones are naturally more feature-loaded, and better.

Is it worth paying more for cooler master products?

Definitely. CoolerMaster products are not that expensive. They are expensive if compared to basic, sub-standard brands. But, when you compare it with the rest of the popular brands, it is priced just right.

How to identify the best cooler master products?

All Cooler Master products are of high quality, and there is nothing to worry about. So, there is no need to identify the best. However, you might want to go for one over the another depending on your requirements.

CoolerMaster is quite a popular brand when it is computer parts that we are talking about. Cooler Master is a Taiwanese brand that manufactures various computer components and peripherals. When it comes to such peripherals, and components there are several brands that come to our minds. So, what makes Cooler Master special, or any different from them? Well,  a lot of things to be frank.

Firstly, CoolerMaster is a really old company. It was founded 26 years ago in 1994. Being an old company allows them to have perfect knowledge of the market. Thus, they make what the buyers want. Thus, if you get their products you are guaranteed to get excellent products. They will not only have the best features on offer, but have great quality, and performance too. Furthermore, with Cooler Master, you get tons of options with the products.

Be it a peripheral such as a keyboard, mouse, or headphone. Or be it components such as power supply units. And that is not all, Cooler Master even makes accessories such as splitter cables, mousepads, etc. Thus, you have more or less everything related to a computer from this brand.

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