You must have heard of the term NVME before. It stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express. It is one type of interface that modern SSDs (Solid State Drives) come with. SATA and NVME are the most popular interfaces when it comes to modern-day SSD. However, the NVME SSD is significantly faster and better than a traditional SATA option.In fact, it is one of the fastest options in the market when it comes to SSD. Nothing comes for free. Just as you might have expected from the difference in performance, there is also a big difference in price. In terms of pricing, an NVM Express SSD is significantly more expensive than a SATA option.

In terms of form factor, there is only one option out there for this type of SSD. NVM Express, or NVME SSD, will always be based on the M.2 form factor. And, thus would require a M.2 port to function properly. Not to mention, in order to extract the full potential from a NVME SSD, the M.2 slot needs to have all the necessary compatibility factors such as lanes, generation, etc. However, it is indeed compatible with most modern motherboards, those released less than five years ago. Refer to the specification sheet of your motherboard to see if the M.2 port on it has support for NVM Express or just SATA.

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Is this type of SSD worth the money spent?

A M.2 NVME SSD price in India is undoubtedly on the higher side of the spectrum. Apart from obviously being more expensive than a HDD, it is also more expensive than a SATA SSD. So, that begs the question, is an NVM Express SSD really worth the money?

Well, that totally depends on three primary factors: compatibility, budget, and requirement. Talking of compatibility, a NVME SSD is only worth getting if your motherboard has a compatible slot with appropriate lanes. If not, then you are better off getting a SATA SSD and saving money. This is because, if your motherboard’s M.2 slot does not have the necessary compatibility, then you would not be getting the full speed of the SSD that you spent your money on.

Budget and requirement are two important factors here. This type of M.2 SSD is much more expensive than the SATA variants. Now, while there is a difference in terms of performance, currently, in day-to-day use case scenarios, there is not a massive difference for most general use case scenarios.

For, this reason, if you are budget-conscious it might be better to opt for a SATA option, as you get similar performance, for a much lesser price. But, if budget is not an issue, and you simply want the best, then NVM Express is for you.

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