When it comes to processors/CPU, AMD processors are the talk of the town currently. You might be wondering what makes AMD processors so special. Well, here is what. Until a few years ago, it was Intel that dominated the market. This was happening because AMD was not making any new processors back then. However, it all changed in February 2017, when AMD launched its Ryzen series of processors.

With the AMD Ryzen, we got features that were not expected at all. We got features that made even the die-hard Intel fans check them out. We got to see features such as simultaneous multithreading, unlocked chips, modern fabrication technology, low TDP, multiple cores, etc. You might be thinking that Intel offered all of these features too. And, you would be right.

However, these were only available in the high-end Intel chips. But, in the case of the Ryzen processors, these were available all across the board. Thus, all the Ryzen processors were overclockable, had multithreading, and had the other above-mentioned features.

The Ryzen series was not as popular back then as it is now though. Each year, it got upgraded and got significant improvements. Now, we are soon to receive the 4th generation of Ryzen processors.

We have already got official information regarding the kind of performance we can expect, and trust us when we say this. It is excellent and way better than the current ones. With the 4th generation, we definitely expect to see an even bigger increase in demand for latest AMD processors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Which Processor should you get?

The answer to that question will be that it depends. It depends on the budget, and the requirements of the user.

For example, if you are an entry-level user then a Ryzen 3 processor would be more than enough. However, if you are someone who is more of a mainstream user and wants to use the PC for normal use, as well as gaming.

Then, AMD Ryzen 5 processor makes more sense. But, if you are someone who wants the best levels of performance, then something such as the Ryzen 7, or the Ryzen 9 makes more sense.

Q2. What is AMD CPU Price or AMD Processor Price in India?

The prices for Ryzen processor or Ryzen CPU in India vary greatly. Ryzen CPU price can range from a few thousand of rupees such as Ryzen 3 processors. However, prices for more powerful processor are a lot higher.

For example, Ryzen 7 price is a lot more than AMD Ryzen 5 processor price and obviously more than Ryzen 3.

Q3. Are the latest Ryzen processor worth it?

New series AMD Ryzen processor come out every year. Currently, the latest AMD Ryzen processor series is Ryzen 3rd gen processors. The Ryzen processor price for the latest generation is significantly more than that of the previous generation.

So, with this new generation, new CPU price has gone up significantly. But, if you are after the best levels of performance, then, the latest Ryzen processor makes a lot of sense. But, for that, you would have to spend more.

Q4. Is it worth getting used processors?

The answer is maybe. It all depends on how it was used, the warranty status, etc. However, for most people it is recommended getting a new CPU. A new CPU price is higher than used ones, but it will be well worth it.

The desktop price for those with used processors will be cheaper. However, it would also have additional risk.

Q5. Which is the best Ryzen gaming processor?

In terms of the price and the performance for the money spent, the AMD Ryzen 5 processors are the best. These processors have the perfect balance of performance and price.

This makes the AMD Ryzen 5 processors perfect for those who want a good gaming pc processor without spending too much. So, the Ryzen 5 price is not only affordable but also has excellent performance on offer. As of now, Ryzen 5 price in India starts from around 12,000 INR for the Ryzen 5 3500.

Q6. Which are the best processors from AMD India?

AMD makes a lot of processors. Various processors are made available by AMD India. Quad core, hexa core, octa core, and even the powerhouses of the ThreadRipper series.

If you are after the best ones, then those would be the Ryzen 9, or the ThreadRipper ones. You can check all the offerings from AMD at AMD com.

Q7. What is the lowest Ryzen processor price in India?

That would be the Ryzen 3 1200. The Ryzen 3 1200 price is the lowest when it comes to Ryzen processors. However, it is hard to come by, as it is from the 1st Generation of Ryzen processors. However, it is not the best for gaming. If you are after a gaming processor or a gaming CPU low price, then something like the Ryzen 5 3500 is recommended.

Q8. What is the desktop price in India?

The answer for it will be, it depends. For example, a CPU 4GB RAM price is extremely low. This is perfect for those who want to have a PC that can do most basic tasks. However, such PC won’t be capable of gaming or doing any intensive tasks.

If you are looking for one that will be more powerful and be capable of doing that. Then, you would have to spend more, as the desktop price in India for such PC is a lot higher. If you are after a cpu low price, or are looking to buy desktop in low price.

Then Ryzen 3 processor makes sense. However, if what you are after is excellent levels of performance, then you would have to be ready for a high desktop price. This is because CPU price in India for higher-end processors is quite high.

Q9. Who should opt for Ryzen 7 Processors?

Ryzen 7 processors come with 8 cores, and 16 threads. This makes it perfect for those who want to do various content creation, along with gaming. The high number of cores and threads, along with the high core frequency ensures that the performance is excellent in almost every aspect out there.

However, AMD processor price or CPU price in India for higher-end processors such as the AMD Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9 is higher than those of Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5.

Q10. Which is the latest generation of AMD Ryzen Processor?

So far, the 3rd generation of AMD Ryzen processors are the latest one. However, the Ryzen 4th gen processors should be announced in a few months. The Ryzen 3rd generation processors saw a large improvement over the previous ones.

The cpu price in India for Ryzen 3rd generation is significantly higher as well. It would be really interesting to see how much of an improvement the Ryzen 4th gen processors bring.

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