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Ant Esports is a brand that is popular for its affordable, yet feature-loaded products that are aimed towards gaming enthusiasts. Ant Esports deals in a wide variety of PC products, with Ant Esports cabinet being one of them. When it comes to the cabinets of this brand, it is just like any of its other products, that is it is feature-loaded, and yet is very much affordable. If you are looking for a RGB PC cabinet that also has tempered glass side panels, along with excellent airflow, then the Ant Esports cabinet is the way to go. There are very few brands out there that can make all of these features available in a cabinet that is very affordable.

When it comes to choosing AntEsports Gaming Cabinet, airflow is something that should be given the utmost importance. This is because better airflow results in a better temperature of the Pc components. Other than that, various gaming enthusiasts love RGB lighting, so if you are also a fan of it, then you might want to opt for one that comes with that lovely RGB lighting. Furthermore, tempered glass side panels also make the PC cabinet look stylish and unique. Furthermore, with these tempered glass side panels you can also make all the RGB lighting inside the cabinet clearly visible.

To sum it all up, the Ant Esports cabinet is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an affordable gaming PC cabinet that is feature-loaded, has RGB lighting, and all the other necessary features that one would expect from a PC cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How good is ant esports cabinet for Gaming?

Cabinets do not have any effect on gaming performance. However, they do affect the temperature of the PC components, and overheating can result in a throttling CPU/GPU which can cause drop in frame rates. Ant Esports cabinets have excellent airflow, so there is no issue regarding airflow with it. And, thus yes, they are quite good for gaming.

2. Does the fan which is preinstalled have a breathing effect?

That depends on the model of the cabinet. Some cabinets do come with pre-installed RGB fans that also have customizable lighting effects, and modes, such as breathing effects.

3. Can we add a liquid cooler to ant esports ice 200tg?

Yes, a 120mm or 240mm AIO liquid cooler can be installed in the Ice 200 TG. It has space for a 240mm radiator on the front, and a 120mm radiator support on the rear.

4. How many years of warranty for this product?

You get a 1 year long manufacturer’s warranty with the purchase of every Ant Esports cabinet. In case something goes wrong within this period, the brand will be helping you with a proper resolution.

5. What is the Return & Refund Policy on EliteHubs?

Products can be only returned or refunded in the event that the product received by the user is in damaged condition, or if the product is DOA (Dead on Arrival). Furthermore, it has to be reported to EliteHubs within 72 hours of purchase. Else, the claim will be invalid. And, if reported within due time, then the product will be replaced with a new unit.

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