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The primary gaming peripherals, mouse, keyboard, and headphones are quite important when it comes to gaming. However, there is another peripheral that is quite important but is often not given the importance it requires. It is the mousepad. A mousepad is a surface on which you place and move your mouse. The way most gaming mice work is that they track the movement on the surface on which they are placed using optical sensors. The tracking, accuracy, and precision depend on not only the mouse’s sensor but also on the surface on which it is used. For that reason, it is essential to always opt for a good quality mousepad, such as a Razer mousepad.

There are various factors to look at in a mousepad, such as size, surface type, durability, etc. But, in terms of performance surface type is undoubtedly the most important aspect. If you play using low sensitivity or have plenty of space on your table, then a large-sized mousepad makes more sense. However, if you play on high sensitivity, or do not have much space, then a small, or medium-sized option would be more apt for you. As for the surface type, it boils down to personal preference. If you love smooth, and fast movements then a hard pad or a speed-type mousepad is better for you. But, if you want a better grip, then a control-type option is what you should be going for.

Then, there is also the durability aspect, especially in terms of cloth mousepads. Always opt for those with stitched edges as they have less chance of fraying, and peeling. This is not much of a concern with hard mousepads. Then, in case you like RGB, get one with RGB, if you do not, then get one that does not have it. Personal preference again.

Razer has always been one of the top brands when it comes to gaming peripherals, so it is natural, that they have some of the best gaming mousepads out there. A razer mousepad comes with all the necessary features, quality, and performance that one would expect from a premium, gaming-grade mousepad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it good for gaming?

Yes, Razer is one of the go-to brands for gaming devices. A Razer mousepad is certainly good, if not amazing for gaming.

Q2. Does this mouse pad have RGB?

That depends on the specific model of the mousepad. Some have RGB, some do not. If you want RGB, check out the Razer Firefly series.

Q3. Is it sweatproof?

No, however, this issue is can be easily dealt with on hard pads just by wiping it. However, for cloth pads, you might need to wash them. So, although these are not sweatproof, they would not really be much of an issue as they can easily be fixed.

Q4. Why razer mousepad is expensive?

Razer mousepads are not cheap by any means. However, you cannot compare the price of a mousepad from Razer with a basic local branded mousepad. They are not even close in terms of quality, and thus, they are quite apart in terms of price as well.

Q5. Is there any warranty?

Yes, all Razer mousepads come with a 1-year warranty from Razer. So, there is no reason to worry about anything after you purchase, the brand is there to support you for one entire year.

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