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If you are looking for a new PC cabinet, then chances are high that you are confused about which cabinet to pick. There are so many options out there in the market from different manufacturers after all. Which one would be better for you, what should you look for in your cabinet, etc? These questions are quite common.
Well, when it comes to the cabinet the first factor that most consider is the design, and aesthetics of the cabinet. After all, if it does not look good, what is the point? Then, another important aspect is the build quality. It should be durable, as it will be holding all the components inside it.
The airflow should be optimal as well, as bad airflow can result in bad thermals, and even thermal throttling. Talking of airflow, the maximum number of fans it supports and the radiator size compatibility should also be taken into consideration.

You should always pick a cabinet only after checking all of these aspects that we mentioned. Anyway, when it comes to the Lian Li cabinet, it gets all of these things right. Lian Li is a Taiwanese company that is primarily popular for its PC cases and accessories. The offerings of this brand are premium, durable, and feature-loaded as well. Lian Li makes premium cabinets and charges a premium tag for them. However, now it has a more budget-friendly lineup in the form of the Lancool series. But, there are no compromises on the quality, craftsmanship, and even features.

Now, when it comes to the question of which Lian Li cabinet is the best for you, that will depend upon you, and your requirements. Not to mention, budget is also very important. If you are on a medium budget then the Lancool 215, 205, etc. are excellent options. These look amazing, have a lot of features, and the signature craftsmanship that you get from Lian Li products. If budget is not an issue, and you want something that looks truly unique, and also can be fitted with lots of fans, for excellent RGB lighting then the Lian Li O11 series is a great pick. Regardless of your budget, there is a Lian Li cabinet that you can get. The only exception is if your budget is less than 5000 INR. In that case, you would have to look towards other brands and manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the cabinet necessary for PC?

Yes, a cabinet is indeed necessary, unless you are fine with keeping your PC build lying out in the open. But, that is risky, as it is vulnerable to various elements which can end up damaging those, especially, liquids. So, it is always recommended, if not made necessary, that you use a cabinet for your PC.

2. How is the noise performance of the Lian Li cabinet?

A cabinet is all about storing all the components, and accessories of the PC. However, depending on the noise-dampening capability, the noise performance is determined. Overall, most Lian Li cabinets have average noise performance, just as you would expect from most cabinets out there. But, if you end up installing lots of fans, and also a large radiator, it can be quite loud.

3. Is it worth buying a Lian Li cabinet?

Absolutely. Lian Li is one of the manufacturers that is renowned for its amazing craftsmanship and build quality. The cabinets of this brand are not only stylish, and durable, but also have all the necessary features that one can come to expect from a premium cabinet, if not more.

4. Why it’s better than another cabinet?

That is a fair question. After all, there are so many options out there, and some are even cheaper than a Lian Li. So why should you get this over those? It is because of the quality, and the amazing craftsmanship that you get with a Lian Li cabinet. That is something you do not get with every other cabinet.

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