NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super Graphic Cards

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Super - One of the Most Powerful Cards from Nvidia in 2024

Released on January 18, 2024, the NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super is one of the latest releases from the brand. This new release from NVIDIA that we have seen so far, it’s a reiteration of the pre-existing 4080, and it’s also an improved and enhanced version of that GPU.

Since this card is also using the new Ada Lovelace architecture, you get every upgraded feature. So, you get the new and upgraded 4th Gen Tensor Cores, 3rd Gen RT cores, and streaming multiprocessors. Not to mention, you obviously get the latest DLSS 3 support as well.

In terms of raw performance, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 is the second-best Nvidia RTX card out there. If you are curious about the NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super price in India for 2024, then we have covered all about that below.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Super - Specifications

Now, when it comes to the specifications of the 4080 Super, it’s one of the best-specced cards from Nvidia. You can get all the details regarding the specifications of this card in the table below.



Shader Cores


Ray Tracing Cores

3rd Gen (121 TFLOPS)

Tensor Cores (AI)

4th Gen (836 AI TOPS)


2x 8th Gen (with AV1)



What is the Nvidia RTX 4080 Super Price in India in 2024?

Now, as we told before the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Super is literally the second-most powerful graphic card that the brand has on offer right now. So, it’s quite logical that it’s going to be quite expensive.

The Nvidia RTX 4080 Super price in India right now varies anywhere from around 1.1 Lakhs INR and it can go all the way up to around 1.6 Lakhs INR or even more for certain variants. The price depends on the brand and the exact variant. Hence, there is a substantially large spectrum when it comes to the RTX 4080 Super price in India right now.

As for performance, the more expensive variants will come with higher clock speeds and frequencies which will make them slightly better in performance. However, that’s quite minimal, and for most users out there the less it would not even matter much. 

Thus, for most mainstream customers the more affordable variants is what we will personally recommend. But, if you are an enthusiast and want the best that money can buy, then definitely feel free to invest in the more premium options.

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