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RAM is one of the most essential components of a computer system. It is one of those components that determine what kind of performance the computer system can deliver. In layman’s terms, the more amount of RAM/memory, and the higher the frequency of the memory kit, the better will be the performance of the computer system. So a computer build with, say, 16GB DDR4 RAM will outperform a computer system with similar specifications, but with 8GB of DDR4 RAM instead of the 16GB that we had earlier. The frequency and latency of the RAM module also play an important role. The faster the frequency, and lower the latency, the better and faster is the performance of the RAM kit/module.

Needless to say, the price of such memory modules will be more expensive, than those with inferior numbers. So, a 3200 MHz CL16 8 GB RAM price for PC will be less than a 3600 MHz CL14 8 GB RAM cost. Other than just performance numbers, many also give priority to the presence of lighting on the memory kit/module. popularly known as RGB RAM. Most that opt for such memory kits are those who want to have a good RGB setup in their PC builds or those who are just a fan of the RGB lighting.

But, that does not mean that these kits are all about flashy lights. These are also just as good in terms of performance, it is just that sometimes these are a bit more expensive than those without the lighting. But, then again, these are the more common types of memory kits these days, as the difference in pricing is almost negligible now.

When it comes to determining the amount of memory a user would need in his computer there is no universal answer. It all depends on the type of user, and the requirements of the specific user. For basic to intermediate users, a 8GB RAM computer, desktop, or laptop would be sufficient. However, if you are into gaming, then you should be looking for a 16GB RAM PC. But, if you are somewhat of an enthusiast who does require his/her PC for intensive workloads, such as rendering, editing, etc. it is always recommended to opt for a 32GB RAM PC, or even higher.

Other than just the capacity even the timings and the frequency of the memory modules play an important role. Enthusiasts and those with high-end gaming PC will always prefer lower timings and higher frequency memory kits, or modules such as those with a CL14 and 4400 MHz frequency. Whereas, most average users would be fine with something like 3000 MHz, and CL18.

As said before, the pricing for computer memory depends on lots of factors, such as capacity, frequency, and latency also referred to as timing. Even the manufacturer plays an important role in determining the price. However, in general, 8 GB DDR4 RAM price, or cost in India is around 3,000 INR currently. When it comes to 8GB DDR4 RAM price for laptop, it is quite similar to those for desktops (or PC). As for 16 GB DDR4 RAM price in India, that starts from around 5,000 INR. And, when it comes to a 32GB DDR4 RAM price in India, that starts from around 9,000 INR. Now, these are the prices for the entry level RAM kits, or modules, and are like the starting points of price.

At EliteHubs, you can find various types of memory modules and kits. Be it 16GB, 8GB, 32GB or more. Be it DDR4 RAM for laptop, or desktop, or be it DDR5. And, that is not all, you can even choose between various frequencies, timings, capacity, features such as RGB lighting, and even the various brands. Regardless of the type of RAM, or memory kit/module you are looking for, we have it here. Another reason for which you should get the RAM from EliteHubs is the pricing, our pricing is very competitive, and is simply one of the best in India. Furthermore, we use top-tier logistics to ensure that the delivery process is smooth, and our customers get the products on time always.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much memory do I need?

That totally depends on your requirements. If you are an average user and are just going to surf the web and use your PC for media consumption, 8 GB of RAM should be enough. However, if you are into gaming, 16GB RAM is a minimum these days. And, if you are someone who requires a PC for editing, rendering, content creation, etc. then it is recommended to have 32 GB, and above.

What is the price of RAM in India?

That will depend upon the type of memory kit, or module we are talking of. As a general rule of thumb, the lower the capacity, frequency, and the higher the timing, the lower the price. Generally speaking, something like a DDR4 8GB RAM price for desktop starts from around 3,000 INR, for 16 GB RAM cost the price starts from around 5,000 INR, and for 32GB kits, it starts from around 9,000 INR. Depending on the frequency, timings, and the manufacturer, the pricing changes as well.

Is DDR4 laptop RAM available on EliteHubs?

Yes, you can find DDR4 laptop memory at EliteHubs as well. We have 8GB, and 16GB options currently for DDR4 laptop memory.

Can I manually make my memory kit/module faster?

Yes, you can do it, if you have the proper knowledge. Specific motherboards and RAM modules/kits have the ability to be overclocked, which simply means increasing the frequency. As we said earlier, better frequency results in better performance.

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