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If you have ever looked for SSD (Solid State Drive), then you definitely have come across the term M.2. But, what is this? Well, it is just a form factor that various SSDs come with these days. It is shaped like a compact rectangle, with connectors on one edge that gets plugged directly into the motherboard. This form factor is more common with notebooks, as 2.5-inch SSD cannot be installed there. Not to mention, using this is a lot simpler than a 2.5-inch option in desktop systems as well. This is because, for an M.2 SSD to work, all you need to do is plug it into the M.2 slot on your motherboard.

Here at EliteHubs, we have a wide variety of SSD from all leading brands. We do not only have options for both SATA and NVME interfaces, and also tons of options in terms of the storage size. So, you can get the one that will be perfect for your needs, and requirements. Furthermore, the pricing on our site is simply one of the best that you can get in India. So, if you are looking for a new M.2 SSD be it SATA, or NVME, at the best price in India, you should definitely check out EliteHubs.

Which is the better form factor?

In terms of performance, both 2.5-inch and M.2 would be the same, if they have the same interface, such as SATA. However, there are certain advantages of the M.2 form factor when compared to the 2.5-inch options. Firstly, it is more compact and thus requires less space. Secondly, it plugs directly into the corresponding slot on your motherboard. There is no need for any additional power cables, or SATA cables, unlike 2.5-inch options where you would need both of these.

Due to these reasons, the convenience factor is more prominent with M.2. And, in terms of price, there is not too big of a difference either. The pricing of both these form factors is quite similar, although M.2 is just a tad bit more expensive than the 2.5-inch version of the same model.

So, to conclude, when it comes to comparing both these form factors, there is only a difference in terms of the size. Performance and speed are equivalent of both these form factors.

Which is the better interface?

With this form factor, you have options for both popular types of interfaces. M.2 SSD can either be a SATA or NVME. NVME is always better in terms of performance, and speed, however, it is more expensive as well. Needless to say, SATA options are more apt for those who are on a limited budget.

One thing that needs to be noted here is that SATA SSD is very much faster than any HDD out there. However, it loses when compared to an NVME drive. But, in real-life situations, the difference between SATA, and NVME is not very drastic. But, there is indeed a difference.

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