AMD Ryzen Threadripper

If you are a PC enthusiast and want a processor that can do it all without breaking a sweat, Ryzen ThreadRipper is made just for you. AMD Ryzen processors made AMD great again, but initially, ThreadRipper was not a part of this AMD Ryzen family. However, once Ryzen ThreadRipper was announced, it surprised everyone with its specifications alone. The high number of cores, double amount of threads (due to Simultaneous Multi-Threading), modern lithography architecture, etc. ensured that these processors were made with only one thing in mind, and that is performance. It can do everything effortlessly. Be it gaming, streaming, content creation, editing, rendering, etc.

Just like other AMD Ryzen processors, the Thread Ripper also got various upgrades over each generation. Currently, the flagship AMD RyzenThreadRipper processor, the 3990X comes equipped with a whopping 64 cores and 128 threads. Other than that, it also has a boost clock of 4.3 GHz and is based on a 7nm archittecture. With a TDP of 280W, the AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 3990X is not only a powerhouse but also quite efficient. The high levels of performance and efficiency are something you would find across every ThreadRipper processor out there. The Ryzen ThreadRipper is the processor for those who want the absolute best levels of performance from their processor.

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