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The processor is the most important component of a computer, irrespective of what that computer is made for. Be it gaming, daily use, content creation, anything. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is what makes the computer a computer.

It is used for performing every function that you can think of, from basic functions to complex ones. For example, basic arithmetic, logic, control, and input / output (I / O) operations specified by the program instructions. That is all about the technical aspect of a processor.

There are only 2 CPU manufacturers, Intel and AMD. Processors can be dual core and go all the way up to a whopping 64 cores these days. When it comes to performance, there are various things to look for such as core frequency, core count, lithography, etc.

To keep it simple, a CPU with a better single threaded performance will be better for gaming. Whereas, a CPU with better multi-threaded performance will be better for any content creation, rendering , editing, etc.

Here at EliteHubs, we have all the popular and the best processors that are available in India, and at best prices. Be it a mere dual core CPU like the Pentium G5400 / Athlon 200GE, or a 64 core mammoth like the Threadripper 3990X.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Which computer processor will be the best choice for you? Which will be the best processor for pc?

The answer to that question will be, it depends. When it comes to a PC processor, there are various things that need to be kept in consideration. The architecture, number of cores/threads, TDP, core clocks, etc.

However, what matters most is the performance. Both the single-core performance, and the multi-core performance are important. If you are someone who wants better gaming performance, then a computer processor with better single-core performance is recommended.

However, if you are someone who does a lot of content creation, or workload that is related to production, then a CPU processor that has better multi-core performance is more apt.

Q2. What are the price of CPU in India?

The answer for this question is yet again similar to that of the previous question. That is, it depends. A processor that comes with few cores, threads are generally a lot cheaper when compared to the ones with higher core and thread count.

Dual core CPUs are always cheaper than quad core processor. And, quad core processor are always cheaper than hexa, or octa core ones. Check out the AMD Ryzen 3, and Intel Core i3 processors for example. The processor price for these are only around the high single-digit thousands of INR, and go maximum to around 12,000 INR.

However, the i5 and Ryzen 5 processors go all the way to more than 25,000 INR. Whereas, the Ryzen 7, i7, along with the Ryzen 9,and Core i9 processors go for more than double of that. So, if you are asking about the processor price, then it completely depends on the model, and also the generation.

The latest processor or the processors from the newest generations are more expensive than the ones from the previous generations.

Q3. Is it worth paying more for the latest processor?

For the most part, no. But, then again, it depends. If you are someone who wants the extra bit of performance with the latest generation, then you should spend more for it. However, if you are fine with the slightly less amount of performance, then you can always opt for the ones from the previous generation.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in that. So, if you are after the best processor for PC then, the latest processor is what you should opt for.

Q4. What is processor in computer? How important is a computer processor?

A CPU is equivalent to that of a human brain. The CPU processor is the component that does all the important functions of a computer. Calculation, basic arithmetic, logic, control, and input / output (I / O) operations, etc. are all done by it.

Without a CPU, or a PC processor, a computer will cease to be one. To answer “what is processor in computer”, the CPU is undoubtedly the most important component of a computer. Without it, a computer is not possible.

Q5. Are second hand CPU worth it?

Second hand, or used components are always cheaper than new ones. That is true for almost everything out there. Even for the CPUs. Second hand CPU prices are significantly lower than the new ones.

They make a lot of sense for those who want one, however, are short on budget. CPUs are built to last and used ones should be fine. However, when it comes to second hand or used products. It is always recommended to opt for those with a warranty.

So that in the event some issue arises, it can be sorted out with the manufacturer. But, if you are not willing to risk it, then new ones are always better.

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