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Phanteks is a brand that is based in the Netherlands and makes a wide variety of computer products. Phanteks makes various peripherals and accessories, such as cases/cabinets, PC fans, coolers, RGB lighting kits, etc and even power supply units. The products by this brand are made using quality components and are full of features. This is something that is true across the entire product range. Be it the fans, the lighting kits, cases, anything. However, the most popular category of products by Phanteks is the PC cabinets/cases. Phanteks makes a wide variety of PC cabinets and has won multiple awards for these.

The cases/cabinets are how Phanteks gained most of its popularity. The Enthoo and Eclipse lineup of PC cabinets has won the hearts of many PC enthusiasts. And, Phanteks is not just about the cabinets, it also has Skiron series of PC case fans which are perfect if you want to spice up the looks while improving airflow at the same time. The Neo series of RGB lighting kits also do something very similar. So, if you are in the market for some new PC accessories, then you must check out Phanteks products. Check out EliteHubs to purchase Phanteks products at the best rates in India.

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