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Gaming Keyboard, just as the name suggests are keyboards made for gaming. Just like other gaming peripherals, a better keyboard results in faster response and better performance. There are primarily two types of keyboards based on the types of switches used.

Firstly, it is the membrane keyboard and secondly, it is the mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are way costlier than membrane keyboards. Among mechanical keyboards, there are various differences. There are different types of mechanical switches, such as Cherry MX switches.

Each having its own use. Some switches like the Cherry MX Blue keyboard are great for typing as they have great tactile feedback and a satisfying clicky sound when used. Then there are Cherry MX Red keyboard which is great for gaming as they have a low actuation force, which makes them easy to activate. This helps in doing faster clicks during gaming.

These types of keyboards are slightly expensive. However, if you are looking for best budget mechanical keyboard, then there are a number of options for that as well. There are various budget mechanical keyboard from brands such as Cosmic Byte, Zebronics, Ant Esports, Gamdias, etc. However, if you are after bluetooth keyboard price then that would be slightly more expensive.

There are Gaming keyboards with different sizes as well, some are 60% mini gaming keyboard, some are TKL(Tenkeyless), and some are full sized. Then there are gaming keyboards with no lighting, with single color LED lighting and those with RGB.

Gaming keyboard price varies greatly depending on the manufacturer, types of switches, features, etc. Here at EliteHubs we have both membrane and mechanical keyboards, with different styling, different lighting, and different features. We have top gaming keyboards from reputed brands such as Corsair, CoolerMaster, ThermalTake, HyperX, etc. On top of that, we have them at extremely competitive prices.

Some of the new additions to the EliteHubs shop are : Razer Blackwidow V3 Tenkeyless & Razer Huntsman Mini. Shop for these amazing premium quality keyboards from one of the finest brand in the world on EliteHubs in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Which is the best budget mechanical keyboard or cheap gaming keyboard?

There is no such thing as the ‘best budget mechanical keyboard’. But, there certainly are various options which we believe are some of the best in a low budget. If you are looking for a gaming keyboard price, or keyboard cheap price, you have options such as Gamdias Hermes E3, AntEsports MK1000, Zebronics Max Pro keyboard, etc.

Each of these have certain advantages over the other. But, as of now, these are some of the best in this price range. There are various other options which are just as good in this same price range, but, these are the ones we recommend personally. All of these are rgb mechanical keyboard and have everything that one expects from such RGB gaming keyboard.

Brands such as Gamdias, Cosmic Byte, Ant Esports, etc. have lots of options when it comes to the best gaming keyboard under 2000 INR. Zebronics mechanical keyboard are also priced around that level. So, if you are looking for low mechanical keyboard price or cheap mechanical keyboard India, these brands are an excellent choice.

Q2. What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

‘What is a mechanical keyboard?’ is a question that many people have. A mechanical gaming keyboard is a term that you must have heard of. Mechanical just means that the keys use proper mechanical keyboard switches, and are not rubber-dome like membrane ones.

Out of all the options available, Cherry MX keyboard or cherry keyboard are one of the most popular ones. Cherry MX switches are known to be some of the best switches out there when it comes to mechanical switches.

However, cherry mx switches are not the only options available. There are also various other manufacturers of switches such as Outemu, Gateron, Kailh, etc.

Q3. Which types of mechanical switches are the best? Which is the best Mechanical Keyboard India?

It all depends on the requirements of the user. The most important factor of these keyboard switches is how they perform. So, the actuation force needed, the actuation distance, and the switch type are the things that need to be considered here.

However, when it comes to brands cherry keyboard or those with Cherry MX switches are the most popular option out there. Cherry MX blue keyboard or any other option with Blue switches, such as Outemu blue switches are the ones people prefer the most.

The reason for it is the typing experience, these blue switches are considered the best. These have a crisp, tactile feedback, and have a clicky feel. This makes typing experience excellent with these blue cherry and other OEM’s blue switches. So, when it comes to keyboard switches the Blue ones, such as the blue cherry switches are the best for typing.

But, what about gaming? Well, in case of gaming the Red switches are known to be the best. Once again, Cherry MX is the leading brand here as well. Silver, or Speed switches are also excellent. Furthermore, there are also Razer switches. In terms of Razer switches, the color coding is different. Green is equivalent to blue cherry switches. Razer Yellow is equal to Red, etc.

Q4. What is a PC Keyboard Price?

The price is something which depends on a lot of factors. It depends on features, build quality, brand, connectivity, types of switches, etc.

For example, the best rgb keyboard and mouse are always cheaper than the ones without any RGB lighting. Then, wireless gaming keyboard and mouse are more expensive than wired ones.

So, Bluetooth keyboard price is always more than those that do not have it. However, despite the Bluetooth keyboard price being higher, it is not recommended for gamers. This is due to the latency, however, if it is needed for basic use, then the high Bluetooth keyboard price is well worth it, as it brings a lot of conveniences.

But, if what you are after is a gaming keyboard India, then you would have to spend more. For gaming, linear switches such as MX Red, Speed, etc. are better. Furthermore, for gaming an anti ghosting keyboard is better. This ensures that there is no issues regarding to hosting.

Cheap gaming keyboard also come with such features these days. So, if what you are after is a good option that is also cheap, then there are lots of options out there. When it comes to cheap options, there are various offerings from Logitech, Corsair, Cosmic Byte, Gamdias, AntEsports, etc. However, if you are after mechanical keyboard under 2000 INR, then Logitech, and Corsair do not have any options. For that, you would have to check out other of the mentioned brands.

So, if you are looking to buy mechanical keyboard india without spending much, then the options are limited. However, if you can spend more, then you can have a lot of options: wireless mechanical keyboard, RGB keyboard, custom keyboard, and so on. You have options for those with gaming features, those with mechanical switches, etc.

Furthermore, with the various eCommerce stores online, you would not have to go through lots of hurdles to get a computer shop. There is no need to visit a ‘computer keyboard shop near me’.

Q5. What are the different sizes?

There are 60% small gaming keyboard and small mechanical keyboard, then there are TKL versions which are also, compact. Furthermore, there are also full-sized ones. The only difference between all of these is the number of switches, and the form factor.

Small gaming keyboard are preferred by those who want something compact and portable. Whereas, full-sized are better for office PC setups where there is a number pad, and all the required buttons.

Q6. What is the price of Gaming Keyboard Mouse combo?

The price of these best gaming keyboard and mouse combo depends on lots of factors. If it consists of RGB keyboard and mouse, or if it is a mechanical one. Furthermore, it also depends on what things the mouse has, just like RGB keyboard, the mouse with RGB would also be more expensive. Overall, the total price would depend on the features of both of these.

There are various reputed “keyboard shop near me”. However, it is recommended to check listing in both these stores, and online stores as well. Then, only the decision should be made.

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