GALAX is a reputed brand that is popular for manufacturing various graphics cards. GALAX falls under Palit Microsystems. Palit Microsystems is one of the largest graphics card vendors in the world in terms of volume. GALAX only manufacturers Nvidia cards. With GALAX, you can find every Nvidia card out there, that is still in production. And, they are even available at various variants. For example, there are variants with a single fan, two fans, three fans, etc. Then, there are options in terms of the RGB lighting, some have it, some don’t. There is a GALAX card for you irrespective of the budget. You have the very basic, affordable cards, and the premium, high-end cards, and everything between these two. Talking of high-end cards, Hall of Fame (HOF) series is one of the most premium graphics cards series out there. A Hall of fame card is significantly more expensive than the other variants. But, you get what you pay for. There are no corners cut with the HOF cards. Be it the performance, be it the features, be it anything. You get excellent cooling performance, high core frequency, better aesthetics, and a lot of other features.

Here at EliteHubs, we have various GALAX graphics card, and at the best prices in India. Thus, if you are after a new Nvidia graphics card, you must check out GALAX graphics cards. There are various Nvidia graphics card available with this brand. GTX, RTX, GT, almost everything that Nvidia still offers. And, it is feature-loaded, and has everything one would need from a graphics card.

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