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PC Cabinets are one of those things which don’t affect the gaming performance directly but have many important uses. Firstly, let us talk about why people want premium cases, you would say it’s due to aesthetics. You would be right, but to some extent only. A better case, means better airflow, better fans, better radiator support, etc. These things affect the temperature of your internal components to a great extent. Better airflow means better temperature and better temperature results in a longer life of your precious internal components.

There are primarily three types of cases in terms of the size, they are Mini Tower, Mid Tower, and Full Tower. Then there are some cases which will have a better airflow, some which will have better sound dampening and some with better lighting and aesthetics. Cabinets with mesh or perforated chassis will definitely have better airflow but will have less sound damping, vice versa for closed cases. Now one thing to keep in mind is that the motherboard you have or are planning to have should fit in the case. So, always check out the form factor of your motherboard and the supported form factors of the cabinet you are planning on getting. Here at EliteHubs, we have a huge variety of cases, different sizes, colors, specifications, brands, etc. so you can get the case which you want.