ThermalTake Fans

Thermaltake Fans are premium high-quality fans with high static pressure. Thermaltake fans feature a wide range of fan and fan packs with beautiful RGB lighting, PWM, and an anti-vibration mounting system that reduces cabinet vibration and reduces the overall noise. The fans use a hydraulic bearing with a low noise design that enhances fan speed and reduces fan noise. The ambiance noise gets reduced using the hydraulic system that uses self-lubricating and friction-reducing substances that greatly reduce noise and increase thermal efficiency. Thermaltake’s PWM controlled fans have a unique 9 blade fan design that has been specially engineered to generate higher airflow. Thermaltake fans also feature vibrant RGB LED lighting that features LED preset modes with a controller.

The radiator fans come as simple standard fans, high static pressure fans, and radiator fans that use motherboard control and sync with the system, and the TT RGB PLUS fans that use software control with voice assistant support. The TT RGB PLUS fans can be controlled from the software wirelessly. The RGB radiator fans provide bright and vivid colors with aesthetics inside the cabinet. Thermaltake fans use the standard connectors or PWM connectors on the motherboard for power and RGB control while the fan controller can be used to control a set of fans or control the speed and RGB without a dedicated motherboard connector. The radiator fans come in two form-factor: 120mm fans for medium or standard cabinets and 140mm fans for the larger cabinets that use the 140mm standard for greater airflow.

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