SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd, more popularly known as SilverStone is a computer parts manufacturer that specializes in cabinets, PC coolers, power supply units, and various accessories for computers. Based in Taiwan, it is somewhat of a newer brand as it was established in 2003 by ex-employees of Cooler Master. When it comes to the offerings of this brand, it is the cabinets and enclosures that are the most popular products in the PC community. It easily competes with various other giants in the industry and is able to hold its own. Cabinets are the specialty of SilverStone, no doubt about that. However, that does not mean that the other products are bad in any way. You get a wide variety of PC coolers, power supply units, fans, etc. with this brand.

In terms of PC coolers, you have options for simple air coolers and high-end liquid coolers with large radiators. Talking of the power supply units, you can get something basic such as a 300W unit, and even something significantly better such as the 1500W Titanium certified ones. So, you have lots of options for every type of product with SilverStone. Regardless of which SilverStone product you purchase, you can be completely assured that the product is of high quality, can stand the test of time, and will serve you completely fine. So, the next time you are looking at getting some new PC parts, or upgrading your existing ones, make sure to check out the SilverStone products. They surely would not disappoint you.

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