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In a computer system, cooling plays an extremely crucial role. There are various drawbacks when the heating of components is not kept under check. Things like shortened lifespan, thermal throttling, etc. are some of the aforementioned drawbacks. To counter overheating various options are available. One of these options is a PC cooling fan. In a PC setup, fans have two tasks, firstly, drawing in cool, fresh air from the outside. And, secondly, drawing out the hot air inside the cabinet. This results in efficient dissipation of heat, and thus prevents overheating of the PC components. Initially, a PC cooling fan was just used for cooling. However, now with the RGB craze all around, there are various RGB and ARGB PC cooling fans as well.

These fans do not only keep the temperature of the PC components in check, but also make the PC build look even more attractive with the stylish, and beautiful ARGB or RGB lighting. These fans are especially a popular choice among RGB lovers. After all, there is a very unique charm of RGB lighting. And, some if not all definitely find it very worthwhile. So, when they see the option of having better cooling and RGB/ARGB lighting at the same time, the ARGB or RGB fans become a no-brainer for them.

The PC cooling fan is divided into various categories. There are cooling fans that are oriented towards having a better airflow, and then those which are used for having higher pressure. High-pressure fans are used when there is an obstruction in the path, that is why they are frequently used in AIO radiators. And, the airflow-oriented ones are used directly on the cabinet as inflow or exhaust fans. Then, they can also be categorized depending on the size, 120mm, and 140mm are the more popular sizes when it comes to a PC cooling fan. However, there are also other sized options such as 200mm, etc. Then, there is also the categorization based on the type of lighting it has, there are some with no lighting, some with fixed color LED lighting, some with RGB, some with ARGB, etc.

The price of such fans depends on the brand, speciations, features, etc. However, you can find a good quality PC cooling fan for around 500 INR, and if you want something with specific features, then you might have to spend around 1000 INR or even more depending on the fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is cooler good for PC?

Always, a cooler is a complete must component in a PC build. Without a cooler, the CPU will overheat and the system will crash. Opting for a better cooler allows for better temperatures. The more fans there are inside a PC, the better is the airflow.

2. How do I choose an air cooler for my pc?

It depends on the processor that you are using. If it is an entry-level processor or a mid-range then any decent air cooler would be enough. However, if it is a higher-end processor, then you are better off getting air coolers with large heatsinks, and a push-pull fan configuration on them.

3. Does cooling your computer make it faster?

It does, but not directly. Overheating can result in thermal throttling, and having better cooling ensures that there is no thermal throttling, and thus makes it faster

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