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Cooler Master Technology Inc. is a computer hardware manufacturing brand with their headquarters based in New Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 1992, Cooler Master is in the production of various computer accessories, computer cases, power supplies, air cooler, liquid cooler and much more.

CoolerMaster also manages equipment for other manufacturers like Nvidia for VGA coolers, AMD for CPU coolers and EVGA for motherboard heat sinks and other accessories, CoolerMaster has also organized and sponsored a few esports events while few CoolerMaster products have also won awards like the ‘iF Product Design Award.’

In Match 2020, The company released their own gaming headsets along with their own customization software called ‘Portal’ while they also released a list of other accessories like gaming mice etc The total list of products which are manufactured by CoolerMaster are Computer cases, Power supply units, CPU coolers, Monitors and Gaming chairs.

CoolerMaster is an old company which was founded around 26 years ago in 1994, being one of the oldest giants in the market it gives them an upper hand in marketing with that experience. Let it be any CoolerMaster product or component they provide top-notch quality while EliteHubs does the same in providing those products to their respected customers in the best prizes available. If you are looking to purchase any of the CoolerMaster accessories, EliteHubs is where you find it.

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