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Gigabyte is one brand that everyone has heard of when it comes to PC parts. Gigabyte one of the oldest, and most reputed computer hardware brands. It is a Taiwanese computer parts manufacturer that was established almost 35 years ago in 1986. Gigabyte deals in a wide variety of computer parts. It manufactures components such as motherboards, power supply units, SSDs, graphics cards, etc. And, also manufacturers peripherals such as keyboards, mice, headphones, etc. That is not all, Gigabyte also makes various cabinets and CPU coolers. One of the reasons for Gigabyte’s reputation is the quality of its components. You get high quality and a good set of features with every product by this brand. Although Gigabyte makes a wide variety of computer products, its most popular category of products is the motherboards. When it comes to motherboards, Gigabyte is one of the top brands, and one of the leading vendors. It also has a sub-brand called Aorus. Aorus products are made specifically for hardcore gamers and enthusiasts. All the Aorus products are completely feature-loaded and perfect for those who want to do more. Aorus too has a wide variety of products under its name. There are gaming peripherals, such as mice, keyboards, etc. Then, there are also components such as motherboards, RAM, SSDs, etc.

Here, at EliteHubs, we have tons of options when it comes to Gigabyte or Aorus products. Regardless of the Gigabyte product you are after, it is here. Be a peripheral such as a mouse or a keyboard. Or, a big component such as a cabinet. It is all here. And, it is available at one of the best prices in India. Plus, we even ship all over India. And, it is not just Gigabyte products that we have here. We have various computer products from various reputed brands.