BenQ Zowie

Zowie is an e-Sports gaming brand under BenQ Corp. It gives a progression of expert e-Sports gaming screens and apparatuses with a mission to build up the best eSports experience. They endeavor not to turn into the greatest esports brand, yet the most expert. On 10 December 2015, BenQ declared that ZOWIE Rigging would turn into their new gaming division. Their fresher items incorporate mice, mouse cushions, sound cards, screens, and other gaming equipment’s. BenQ Zowie Esports mice are extraordinary for FPS games like CSGO, Overwatch, PUBG, and so on and MOBA games like Dota2, League of Legends.

The sole focal point of ZOWIE is to make a supportive level of equipment which are favorable to all level gamers. Execution devices should be stripped to their least greasy and most capable state, which is the explanation you’ll never watch a thing with a senseless arrangement or ridiculous feel. This is about lean, mean competition. The quest for flawlessness will consistently drive us to ask what we could be improving to assist gamers with performing better. The ZOWIE group is comprised of time-tested gamers, a large number of whom have been finished professionals.

There are very few brands that are as popular as BenQ Zowie when it comes to gaming peripherals. And, why won’t it be? It produces some of the best ones out there. It’s products are used by several professional eSports players. And, not just them, it has millions of fans world wide. So, if what you are after is high-end gaming experience, check out Zowie products.

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