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NZXT Puck: A Clever Solution for Cable Management

The NZXT Puck is a small yet innovative accessory designed to address the perennial issue of cable management for PC enthusiasts and gamers. This unassuming circular device has become a favorite among those who value a clean and organized workspace. In this article, we'll delve into the features and benefits of the NZXT Puck, exploring how it has earned its place as a must-have accessory for PC builders.

Design and Build Quality

The NZXT Puck boasts a simple and functional design. Shaped like a small puck, it is made from high-quality silicone with a magnetic back. This design allows users to easily attach it to the metallic surfaces of their PC case or any other metal component. The silicone material not only provides durability but also ensures that it won't scratch or damage the surfaces it comes into contact with.

Cable Management Made Easy

One of the primary functions of the NZXT Puck is to assist in cable management. The center of the puck features a cavity that serves as a hub for winding and storing cables neatly. This is particularly useful for peripherals such as headphones or VR headset cables that tend to clutter the workspace. Users can wrap excess cable around the puck, securing it in place with the magnetic surface. This helps prevent tangles and keeps cables organized, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient setup.

Versatility in Placement

Thanks to its magnetic back, the NZXT Puck can be conveniently placed on various parts of a PC case. Users can position it on the front, top, or sides of their case, depending on their preference and the layout of their setup. This flexibility allows for a customized cable management solution that suits individual needs and aesthetics.

Multipurpose Functionality

While cable management is its primary purpose, the NZXT Puck has proven to be a versatile accessory. Users have found creative ways to utilize it beyond its intended function. For example, some users attach it to the side of their desk to conveniently hang their gaming headset, keeping it within easy reach. Others have repurposed it as a holder for controllers or even as a cable organizer for charging cables.

Aesthetics and Color Options

In addition to its functionality, the NZXT Puck adds a touch of style to a PC setup. It is available in various colors, allowing users to choose one that complements their overall aesthetic preferences. Whether it's a sleek black, vibrant red, or a subtle white, the NZXT Puck can seamlessly blend with the existing color scheme of a gaming rig.


In the world of PC accessories, the NZXT Puck stands out as a simple yet highly effective solution for cable management. Its thoughtful design, versatility, and aesthetic appeal have made it a popular choice among PC enthusiasts. As cable clutter continues to be a common challenge for gamers and PC builders, the NZXT Puck remains an essential tool for maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Whether you're a seasoned PC enthusiast or a casual gamer, the NZXT Puck is a small investment that can make a significant difference in the overall aesthetics and functionality of your setup.

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