Asus CPU Coolers

Asus CPU Coolers - Superb Cooling Performance With Amazing Styling

If you are into PC components and peripherals, then you must have heard of Asus. It’s one of the most popular brands out there when we are talking about the PC industry in general. Did you know that there are amazing Asus CPU coolers out there as well? These Asus coolers are going to be the perfect addition to your PC configuration if you are looking for a high-performance CPU cooler that is also stylish and has an amazing design. And, if you want gorgeous RGB lighting, then let me inform you that many of the Asus CPU coolers come with customizable ARGB or RGB lighting as well. 

Overall, in terms of features and specifications, these Asus coolers are sorted in every way that you would want making them the perfect pick for those who are looking for a PC cooler or CPU cooler for their PC configuration.

What Are The Different Types of Asus CPU Coolers Out There?

Now that you have a brief idea about the coolers from Asus, you might be wondering which options are available in the market and which one you should go for. Well, let’s answer those queries.

As for the options that are available to you regarding an ASUS CPU cooler, there are plenty of them. However, one thing to note is that there are no ASUS air coolers as of now. The brand only deals in AIO liquid coolers. So, you only have the option of getting an ASUS AIO liquid cooler.

As for the Asus liquid coolers or AIO coolers, these are for those that don’t only have an amazing cooling performance but also want to uplift the aesthetics of their entire PC setup. Depending on the model that you go for, these coolers come with specially designed radiators, CPU blocks, and fans, making them look gorgeous. 

Among these, you have options for both 240mm and 360mm radiators, so feel free to get the one that as per your requirements. The 360mm ones are more suited for high-end processors that tend to heat a lot, whereas the 240mm will be perfect for a mid-range processor.

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