AOC is a multinational brand based in Taipei, Taiwan that deals in various types of electronic products primarily monitors. AOC is a brand that almost everyone has heard of. After all, when it comes to monitors, there are very few brands that are as good or as reputed as AOC. AOC has a wide variety of monitors in its arsenal. From the very basic flat panel, low resolution monitors to the high end, high resolution, curved panel ones, and everything in between. This ensures that regardless of your needs, you can get a monitor for yourself. With AOC you can opt for all the types of popular panels. TN, VA, and IPS options are available. Furthermore, if you are a hardcore gamer, then you even have AOC monitors that come with a high refresh rate. A high refresh rate ensures that you are able to get a smooth gameplay experience.

But, if you are not a gamer, then nothing to worry about. With AOC, you also have options that have high-resolution and use color accurate panels. These monitors are perfect for office work, and multimedia consumption. The color accuracy is also helpful for editors as they are able to edit the colors precisely and make them look just the way they want them to. You have a choice in terms of the panel type, size, refresh rate, design, etc. So, overall, if you are after a new monitor that is of high quality, and has all the features, then you must check out AOC.

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