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Aerocool is a computer hardware manufacturer that was established in 2001. Aerocool specializes in making various components, peripherals, and accessories for computer systems. Its product range includes coolers (both air coolers, and AIO liquid coolers), PC cabinets, power supply units, PC fans, etc. And, you also have products such as gaming chairs and various controllers and hubs. So, with Aerocool you have a huge selection of computer parts. And, another thing that makes Aerocool a good brand for most consumers is the price range. Aerocool makes products that are very cheap and affordable, and also premium high-end products. This ensures that regardless of the budget, you can get what you need. As for features, there is nothing to worry about here either. Although these products are priced less than the other reputed and premium brands, you can be assured that it is of great quality, and has all the features that you would need.

RGB is something that can be quite a costly affair. However, it is something which is in high demand these days. With Aerocool you have great budget options even with RGB components. So, you can get things such as RGB coolers, PC cabinets, even PSU, and at very affordable rates. So, if you are after RGB computer parts, but do not have too high of a budget, then you must check out Aerocool gaming products. Not only do they come at great prices, but also have plenty of features. At Elitehubs, we have lots of products from Aerocool, and to make things better, we have them at great prices too. So, if you are after computer products at good prices, check out EliteHubs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is Aerocool?

Aerocool is a Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer that got established 20 years ago back in 2001. This brand is not as popular as various other manufacturers that deal in similar products. However, that does not mean that its products are bad by any standards. Aerocool deals in various PC components such as coolers, cabinets, etc. As the name suggests, the brand’s aim is to provide thermal solutions for PC. That is how they started out. However, now, it also deals in various other PC components as well.

What types of products does Aerocool deal in?

As for the products, Aerocool deals primarily in PC cabinets, and PC coolers as of now. However, that is not all. It also deals in other PC products such as fans, and PSU (Power supply units). In terms of cabinets, you have various types of options. Cabinets with tempered glass panels, RGB lighting, large capacity AIO support, etc. In terms of fans, you have options for RGB fans. And, in terms PSU, you get options for the wattage, certification, etc. Overall, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to Aerocool.

How are the products of Aerocool?

In terms of quality levels, the Aerocool products are quite good. Granted they are not the best ones out there. However, for the price that you pay, it is better than almost every other competitor out there. When it comes to pricing, the products from Aerocool are some of the cheapest that are available in the Indian market. There are almost no brands out there which can match it in terms of value for money. It offers more than most other brands out there for your hard-earned money.

Who should opt for Aerocool products?

Aerocool products are one of the most affordable options that are available in the Indian market currently. There are very, very few brands out there that can offer PC components at such affordable rates. So, the target audience for Aerocool are those who have a very limited budget. If you are in the market for some new PC components such as coolers, fans, PSU, etc. at extremely affordable rates. Then, this brand is an excellent option for you. Affordable products with excellent value are what these products have.

Is there a warranty for Aerocool products in India?

Yes, the products of Aerocool come with a warranty. This helps to ensure that in the unfortunate event, any issues arise, there is nothing for the customer to worry about. The brand has got its customers covered for these situations.

How is the pricing of Aerocool products?

Pricing is one department in which this brand excels. It is one of those very few brands out there that offer a lot for a price that is very much less. Thus, making it perfect for those who want decent computer products without spending too much money.

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