Adata XPG CPU Cooler

ADATA Technology Co., Ltd is a Taiwan based company which was founded in May 2001, which counts 20 years of them the market, they started with DRAM modules, flash drives, SSD's etc, and now they are expanding into new fields like robotic, electric powertrain system, and also they introduced their sub brand 'XPG - Xtreme Performance Gear' which are the best products built for their Elite users. XPG has various gaming products under them like Keyboard, Mouse, Liquid Coolers, etc.

ADATA XPG is known to build affordable products with high-performance, and it is true for an ADATA XPG Liquid Cooler too. They make a wide variety of liquid coolers. You have options for various sized radiators. If you are someone who is using a basic, entry-level gaming computer, a 120 mm AIO would be more than enough. However, if you are using a more powerful processor, then you obviously need more cooling. That is where the 240 mm AIOs come into play. Or, perhaps, you are an enthusiast and use top of the line hardware in your computer. Then, you need the cooling power of the 360 mm AIOs. With ADATA you have a lot of options to choose from. If you are a fan of RGB lighting, then you can always opt for one with great RGB and LED lighting. However, if you want a low-profile liquid cooler, then you have such options too. Thus, regardless of the type of liquid cooler you are looking for, ADATA has one for you. Not only is it feature-loaded, and has great performance, but looks excellent too.

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