Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 in 2024

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Best Gaming Headphones under 3000 INR in India for 2024

Equipping yourself with the right gear in this constantly changing gaming landscape can transform your whole experience. A good pair of headphones is one of the requirements for any gamer. However, the market is oversaturated with these products in 2024, so getting the best gaming headphones under 3000 in 2024 is not really that simple. To help our viewers in choosing the best in that price range, we have made this article.

This article will cover the best options when it comes to the best gaming headphones in India under 3000 INR for 2024:

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger 2

The HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 contains gaming-tuned drivers for optimal gaming experience. The rotary mute-to microphone and headset audio controls ensure a hassle-free gaming experience with easy access. Reliability and quality levels are not at all a concern due to being a HyperX product.

Overall, certainly one of the best gaming headphones that you can get under 3000 right now.



Bass enhancement with directional drivers at the height of 40mm.

Fewer features than the premium ones.

A swivel-to-mute microphone for easy use.

Audio controls on the headset are easily accessible.

Two years warranty for further assurance.

2. Cooler Master MH630

Equipped with 50mm drivers, the Cooler Master MH630 delivers premium audio fidelity, and the omnidirectional microphone featuring noise-canceling technology provides crisp, clean voice communication. 

The foldable design of MH630 additionally relieves its users from the comfort factor as it allows for form-fitting cushioning. The 2-year warranty further enhances the product’s appeal and makes it a formidable player in the budget gaming headset niche. Under Rs 3000, the Cooler Master MH630 is a good headset within this price range.



High sound quality with 50 mm drivers.

Low RGB value or other aesthetic components.

Omnidirectional mic with noise reduction.

Foldable design for portability.

3. HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Core

The HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Core is a budget product for cost-conscious gamers. Despite being affordable, it doesn’t compromise on features. In-game audio and communication are stellar with the 40mm directional drivers plus a swivel-to-mute microphone. 

Memory foam ear cushions with a lightweight design will help to keep you comfortable over long periods of gameplay.



Affordable price point

Quality levels are not the best

Memory foam ear cushions and lightweight design.

Convenient swivel to mute the microphone.

4. HyperX Cloud Stinger DTS

The HyperX Cloud Stinger DTS brings DTS Headphone:X and enters the budget headset market with Spatial Audio. 

This headset has built-in accurate 3D audio for spatialization and localization that attempts to give an immersive gaming experience. 50mm directional drivers and swivel-to-mute microphone make the game sound crisp and more apparent.

It is also suitable for gamers as it has easy-access audio controls and a two-year warranty.



Proper in-game sound, thanks to 50mm speakers.

Bit more expensive than other models of this series.

Convenient swivel-to-mute microphone.

Spatial audio

Easy-access audio controls.

5. Rapoo VH530 RGB

Rapoo VH530 RGB comes with an adjustable LED multi-color backlight and a virtual 7.1 channel audio outlet. Intelligent suspension headgear and a noise-canceling microphone are some of the features that make this product sellable because they assure comfort when worn along with precision communication. 

With a cross-platform feature costing less than 3000 INR, the VH530 aims to give a visually and audibly satisfactory gaming experience.



LED multi-color backlight for aesthetics.

Less customizability.

Noise-canceling microphone for effective communication.

Virtual 7.1 channel audio output.

6. Rapoo VH710

The Rapoo VH710 has a mix of attributes, showing two headlights, an adjustable display cabin, a stopped-up LED lamp, and a lightweight silhouette. Yet, the visualization, regardless, encompasses pimples employing ear cushions. 

The customizable driver configuration interface makes it even more functional, allowing users to adjust their audio settings to suit personal preferences. Having an integrated de-noising function in the microphone for transparent calls, VH 710 tries to achieve a multifaceted gaming headset on a budget.



16M cool LED backlight for a visually appealing design.

The design is too flashy.

Virtual 7.1 channel audio output.

Customizable driver configuration interface.

7. HyperX Cloud Stinger

In the Rs 3,000 pricing category, the HyperX Cloud Stinger , an older model, is a formidable competitor. Its 40mm directional speakers, lightweight construction, and swivel-to-mute microphone enhance a dependable gaming headset. 

Extended gaming sessions are made comfortable by the unique HyperX memory foam. The Cloud Stinger is still well-liked because of its endurance and interoperability with several platforms.



40mm directional drivers.

Lacks some advanced features present in higher-end models.

Lightweight design with swivel-to-mute microphone.

Multi-platform compatibility.


What will you look for while searching for headphones for yourself? The first thing that will come to your mind is budget. If you have a budget of 3000, we have come to the conclusion that the best gaming headphones under 3000 must have good if not amazing audio performance, comfort, and practical features. 

We have The Cloud Stinger 2, the Cooler Master MH630 Core, HyperX Cloud Stinger, Rapoo VH530, and Rapoo Vh710. These are the headphones that come with the required features and specifications of a gaming headphone in this price range.

So, if you are after a gaming headphone under 3000 INR in 2024, then these headphones that we suggested above are definitely worth considering.

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