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PowerColor is a Taiwanese brand, established by TUL Corporation based in Taiwan. PowerColor is also known for being one of the accredited producers for AMD Radeon graphic card, while they are also known for their outstanding performance and Innovative technology as they call it. Foxconn deals with the manufacturing process of vast amount of PowerColor graphic cards, while Foxconn also handles the manufacturing for several Apple products like iPhone, iPod, iPad etc as well as BlackBerry, Kindle, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and various other products for companies like Google

PowerColor’s Radeon graphic cards offers a spacious range of products ranging from a low-end graphic card for a tight budget setup to a high-end graphic card for a premium setup which allows them to offer products to a wide range of market. Since PowerColor is manufactured by Foxconn it allows them to tweak the graphic cards and manipulate their specifications which enables them to launch company Overclocked graphic cards along with higher specifications which gives them an upper hand over their competitors being AMD and Sapphire Technology.

PowerColor products have been widely receiving positive reviews and has gained a lot of attention recently as they earned numerous awards at Computer Hardware review sites for their product being Red Devil 6900XT, Red Devil 6800 and Red Devil 6800XT.

PowerColor provides two years of warranty on their products, various PowerColor products also received 2005 Taiwan Symbol of Excellence Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the R.O.C these awards represent some of the most revolutionary, high tech, high quality, and high value products in the market.

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