Phanteks Power Supply

Phanteks is a popular brand when it comes to CPU cases, their designing as well as their sturdy built. It is a Dutch-based company with its base in the US. Phanteks is well known for the awards they have achieved for their PC cases. Phanteks first product was PH-TC14PE, a CPU cooler, which made the company look good and experienced while they built a good reputation around the market since the very start. Later Phanteks started with their very own product line varying from CPU cases, PSU, CPU coolers, RGB fans and much more. We at EliteHubs are glad to bring all of these products available to you at the most affordable prices around the market.

Phanteks provides fully modular power supply units (PSU) with very minimal and neat cable management with all-black themed cable sleeves paired with ribbon cables, as of now Phanteks deals with these three models of PSU.

Power Supply Unit (PSU) is distinguished by several factors such as wattage, efficiency, cabling, etc. We here at EliteHubs deal in various Phanteks products and not only limited to PSU’s. Not only from Phanteks, but from various other reputed brands too.

Revolt X (1000w – 1200w along with 80Plus Platinum certification)
Revolt Pro (850w – 1000w with 80Plus Gold certification)
AMP Series (550w – 650w – 750w with 80Plus Gold Certification)

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