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The CPU Cooler is one of the most important parts of the computer. It won’t be an overstatement to say that it is the heart of a computer. Now, we have to make sure that the processor never overheats. If it does, then thermal throttling will creep in and end up reducing the performance of the processor. To avoid that we have various types of PC coolers. The only purpose of these is cooling your CPU to ensure that it does not overheat, and produce the above problems.

There are primarily two types of PC coolers. They are air coolers and AIO liquid coolers. The air coolers are all about cheap and efficient cooling. The air coolers have copper pipes that take away the heat from the processor and distribute it to the heatsink, which is then dissipated by the fans. AIO liquid coolers are more expensive but have better cooling and aesthetics as well. AIO liquid coolers make use of a pump and a radiator.

The pump is placed on top of the processor and contains a special liquid. The special liquid takes the heat from the processor and is transferred to the radiator through a soft tubing system. Here, the heat is dissipated with the fans installed in the radiator. Here, at EliteHubs we have a large variety of CPU cooler fans, from the very basic air coolers to the top of the line 360mm AIO liquid coolers. And, we have all the major brands who make top-notch CPU coolers, such as Corsair, ThermalTake, Cooler Master, Antec, Aerocool, NZXT, etc.

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