Asus Gaming Keyboards

ASUS Gaming Keyboards - For the Ultimate Gaming and Typing Experience

When we are talking about gaming, the peripherals play a major role in determining the type of experience that the user would get. Talking specifically about the keyboards, among all the options out there, the ASUS gaming keyboards are one of the best that you can get right now.

ASUS as a brand makes a wide variety of products, and one type of product among them is its keyboards. Talking of ASUS keyboards, these are all high-quality keyboards that come with a premium build, design, and switches to enhance the experience.

What Are the Different Types of Asus Keyboards Available?

As for types of ASUS keyboards out there, first, you have the standard keyboards that are used in home/office PC setups, and then you have the ASUS gaming keyboards for gaming setups. For the home/office setups, first, you have the standard ASUS membrane keyboards, some of which are also wireless. And, these ASUS wireless keyboards are just perfect for most standard use-case scenarios. Not to mention, some ASUS mechanical keyboards are also tailored for these types of usages.

Delving deeper into the gaming keyboards, there are membrane keyboards and then there also are high-end ASUS mechanical keyboards. Now, these ASUS mechanical gaming keyboards are a bit expensive, but they also have high-performance and gaming-centric switches that make them perfect for gaming, and thus, worth the money.

Do ASUS Keyboards Have RGB Lighting?

Yes, depending on the specific model that you are getting, you might get an ASUS RGB keyboard as well. Now, one thing to note here is that it’s mostly the ASUS gaming keyboards that feature this RGB/ARGB lighting.

What is ASUS Keyboard Price in India Right Now?

As for the ASUS keyboard price, this depends on the model and the specifications. For example, the standard home/office keyboards from ASUS are a lot more affordable when you compare it to the high-end ASUS gaming mechanical keyboards. The prices start from around 3,000 INR and go all the way up to around 19,000 INR.

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