Adata XPG Power Supply

ADATA is a brand that initially started out as a manufacturer for memory modules and storage devices. Those are the products that ADATA is primarily popular for, even today. However, it is not all that ADATA is about. ADATA has a lineup of products called XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear) these line of products are specially designed to improve the performance as well as the built to be able to sustain it. ADATA XPG power supply units were made to stabilize your desktop and control as well as customize it with your own choice of lights and modes. It is a Taiwan based company with its Headquarters in New Taipei. Power Supply Unit (PSU) is one important component that is often not thought of much while getting a new computer. However, that would be a horrible mistake. Here is why, PSU just as the name suggests is the component responsible for delivering power from the socket to the other important components such as the processor, graphics card, etc.

Power Supply Unit (PSU) is distinguished by several factors such as wattage, efficiency, cabling, etc. PSU's provided by ADATA are ranging from 550w to 750w while they also provide two models one being XPG Pylon and one being XPG Core Reactor. They can be standard 80+ certification and go all the way up to 80+ Titanium. Finally, cabling can be non-modular, semi-modular, or fully modular. Here at EliteHubs, we provide you with the most affordable prices as well as we provide you hassle-free shipping. Don't forget to check out our site for more details and amazing deals.

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