Best Gaming Mouse Under 8000 in 2024

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Best Gaming Mice That You Can Get Under 8000 INR

When you have a budget of 8000 INR for your new gaming mouse, then there are a ton of options that are available out there. But, which ones among these are actually the best? If you too were getting stuck on this question, then we have the answer for you.

In this article, we have covered six gaming mice that we believe are the best gaming mice in India under 8000 INR that you can buy in 2024. We have added mice from reputed brands like Glorious and Razer to ensure that quality is not at all a concern.

Furthermore, we have added a good mix of wired and wireless options, so you can find your perfect mouse irrespective of the connectivity mode you prefer. Well, that was it for the intro, let’s now get started with the list of the best gaming mice under 800 INR in 2024:

1. Glorious Model D Minus Wireless

The first mouse on our list is the Glorious Model D Minus Wireless . If you want a compact ergonomically designed wireless gaming mouse that’s suited for right-handed gamers, then this mouse is for you.

The Glorious Model D Wireless comes with a solid set of specifications, including the BAMF sensor, 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, and the honeycomb shell design for a lightweight and durable body. With a weight of just around 67g, it’s pretty light and nimble.

Another interesting thing about this mouse is the beautifully done RGB lighting that you get on it. This makes it look just as good as it performs. With a budget of 8000 INR for a gaming mouse, this is certainly worth considering.



2.4GHz wireless

Can be a bit small for those with large hands

Durable and solid build quality

RGB lighting integrated tastefully


2. Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed

Next, we have another wireless gaming mouse, but this time it’s from Razer, and specifically, it’s the Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed . Now, if you are not a fan of lightweight gaming mice, and want something a bit heavy and bulky, but still has amazing ergonomics and performance while also being wireless, then the Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed is for you. And, this also comes with 9 programmable buttons, so if you want some extra buttons, then that’s another reason to consider this.

This wireless mouse can be used both via Bluetooth or via the Razer HyperSpeed wireless mode of connectivity. And, as for battery life, it will last for up to 535 hours in Bluetooth, and up to 285 hours while using HyperSpeed using a single AA battery.

As for the sensor, it features the Razer 5G Advanced optical sensor and also uses the Gen 2 mechanical switches for good response and feedback. With a weight of around 110g (including an AA battery), it is the heaviest mouse on this list. But, for those who prefer such mice, this is a solid option to consider.

Talking of RGB, there is not much of it there, but you can find it in the scroll wheel, and also customize the color and lighting mode using Razer Synapse.



Superb latency

AA battery makes it heavy

Premium build quality

Specifications are not the best

Long battery life

Support for 8KHz Hyperpolling

3. Razer Deathadder V3

Next up, we have another mouse from Razer, but this one is a wired one, and also quite lightweight. It’s the Razer DeathAdder V3. The DeathAdder series of mice has always been popular among gaming enthusiasts. And, the Razer DeathAdder V3 is one of the best products of this series right now.

Talking of specifications, this one comes with the latest and greatest components from Razer. It has the Focus Pro 30K sensor and the Gen 3 optical switches which make it an amazing performer. And, the 8KHz HyperPolling makes the performance even better.

The experience is further enhanced by the light body weight of 59g and the SpeedFlex cable which makes cable drag almost negligible. Overall, when it comes to wired gaming mice in this range from Razer, this is one of the best that you can get right now.



8KHz HyperPolling

More programmable buttons were desired

Best-in-class specifications


4. Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed

Next up, we have the Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed , and this is the first ambidextrous mouse on this list. If you want a higher-mid-range gaming mouse that features an ambidextrous design and has amazing specifications, along with wireless connectivity, then this is the one to go for.

The Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed features Razer’s flagship Focus Pro 30K sensor, making it superb in terms of performance. Apart from that, it uses the Gen 2 mechanical switches, and Razer HyperSpeed for a no-delay wireless connectivity.

As for battery life, it uses an AA battery and can last up to 280 hours using a single battery. With the battery, it gets close to 82g, which is a tad heavier than other lightweight gaming mice, but it’s not heavy per se.

With a price tag of around 5900 INR, this is one of the more affordable gaming mice on this list, and for that price, it offers amazing value for money.



Amazingly low latency

Gets heavy with the AA battery

Premium build quality

Reliable battery life

5. Glorious Model O Minus

Now, we know that you have a budget of 8000 INR for your mouse, but if you want to pay significantly less than that, then the Glorious Model O Minus is a solid option to consider. It’s one of the most affordable gaming mice on this list. But, despite the low price tag of around 5600 INR, it offers amazing value and specifications.

The Glorious Model O Minus is a lightweight ambidextrous gaming mouse weighing just around 58g. It uses the Pixart 3360 optical sensor which offers precise and accurate tracking accuracy. The Ascended cord ensures that there is negligible cable drag, and the premium G-Skates enhance the overall experience and performance.



Decent build quality

Not the best choice for those with large hands

RGB lighting has been integrated tastefully


6. Glorious Model D Minus

Similar to the one we mentioned above, we have the Glorious Model D Minus . If you want a high-performance gaming mouse that’s lightweight and has a right-handed ergonomic design, then this is the one to consider.

Weighing just around 61g, the Glorious Model D Minus is pretty lightweight. And, as for the specifications, it packs the same internal components we saw above. You get the Pixar 3360, along with the Ascended cord and premium G-Skates for a great overall performance.

As for the price, this one is also priced similarly at around the 5600 INR mark. Overall for the price, both of these Glorious wired models offer immense value and performance.



Great build quality

Can be a bit small for those with large hands

RGB lighting has been implemented nicely



With that, we are done with the list of best gaming mice in India under 8000 INR for 2024. We included six different mice, and each of them will be better suited for specific users. We even mentioned the pros and cons of each and every device, so you have a better understanding of which feature would be likely helpful for you.

Since the word best will depend on the person using it, there is no single fixed answer. It’s our belief that once you are done reading this article in its entirety, you will definitely have picked one mouse that you believe is perfect for you. And, for you, that’s the best gaming mouse under 8000 INR.

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