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Why Do You Need a White Gaming Mouse?

Are you looking for a white gaming mouse that will complement the entire aesthetics of your PC setup? Or, maybe you just want a white gaming mouse because you think they look cool, which they actually do by the way? Well, whatever the reason maybe, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will go over thirteen different white gaming mice that we believe are the top and best white gaming mice in the market right now. We will go over the best white gaming mice in 2024 from various price brackets to ensure that there is one recommendation for you regardless of your budget.

Without any further talking, let’s get started with the list of the top white gaming mice in India for 2024:

1. Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

With a price tag of around 13700 INR, the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro is one of the most expensive gaming mice on this list. But, it has a lot of great things going on, including the specifications and features.

It comes with Razer’s Focus Pro 30K sensor, Gen 3 optical switches, HyperScroll tilt wheel, HyperSpeed wireless connectivity, and beautiful customizable 13-zone RGB lighting as well. As for the shape and size, it’s a bit bulky and features a right-handed ergonomic shape. And, the weight is around 112g, making it a bit heavy yet ergonomic and easy to use.

It’s wireless and can be used both in the fast Razer HyperSpeed wireless mode or the more efficient Bluetooth mode. Overall, for the price, it’s certainly one of the best-specced gaming mice out there.



Premium and robust build quality

Comparatively heavy

Flagship-grade sensor

Not a good pick for users with small hands

Fast and smooth wireless latency

Superb specifications

2. Razer Deathadder V3 Pro

If you want something that’s lightweight, wireless, and yet ergonomic with stellar specifications, then the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro is definitely up your alley. With a price tag of around 11700 INR, this is quite expensive, but well worth that price given its flagship-grade specifications.

Talking of specifications, it features the Razer Focus Pro 30K sensor and premium Gen 3 optical switches for an amazing gaming performance, which is further enhanced by the lightweight body of just 64g. And, it uses Razer HyperSpeed wireless connectivity for a lag-free gaming experience, and you can even use it in wired if you want using the USB Type C SpeedFlex charging cable.



Lightweight and ergonomic

DPI change button is not easily accessible

Solid build quality

Rapid wireless latency

Flagship specifications from Razer

3. Razer Viper V2 Pro

The next mouse on our list is the Razer Viper V2 Pro , and it’s for those who want an ambidextrous, lightweight gaming mouse with top-end specifications. Whereas the first two mice on this list were right-handed ergonomic, this one is completely different in terms of shape and design with its ambidextrous format.

Specification-wise it’s almost the ditto copy of DeathAdder V3 Pro, you get the same Focus Pro sensor, the same Gen 3 optical switches, and the same Razer HyperSpeed wireless connectivity.

The only main difference is in terms of shape, ergonomics, and weight. As for the weight, it weighs around 58g, making it one of the lightest wireless gaming mice out there right now. All of this certainly justifies the price tag of 11700 INR and makes it a solid recommendation from us.



Lightweight and ambidextrous

DPI button situated below the mouse

Can be used with multiple grip styles

Amazing build quality

Low-latency connectivity

4. Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2

Carrying on with another lightweight wireless gaming mouse, we now have the Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 . Just like the Viper V2 Pro, this is another wireless, lightweight, ambidextrous gaming mouse with top-of-the-line specifications.

The G Pro X Superlight 2 features Logitech’s flagship HERO 2 sensor, along with their newly designed hybrid opti-mechanical Lightforce switches and a lightweight body of just 70g.

When you combine all of this together with the Lightspeed wireless connectivity, you get an amazing gaming mouse that has superb performance with no compromises. And, for a price tag of around 13300 INR, you certainly get what you pay.




No button to change DPI on the fly

Suits multiple grip styles

Low and smooth latency

Best specifications in a Logitech mouse

5. Logitech G502 X Plus RGB Wireless

Now, if you want a Logitech wireless gaming mouse with decent specifications, but are not a fan of ambidextrous design, and want something that has RGB lighting, then the Logitech G502 X Plus RGB Wireless is for you.

With a weight of around 102g, this mouse is not for those who prefer compact and lightweight mice, but for those who want something ergonomic, and a bit substantial. Apart from the excellent ergonomics, this mouse comes with Lightspeed wireless connectivity, HERO 25K sensor, customizable Lightsync RGB across an 8-LED array, and Lightforce hybrid switches. Not to mention the dual-mode scroll wheel is also going to come in handy in certain situations.



Top-end specifications

A bit heavy

Stellar ergonomics

Fast wireless connectivity

Elegant aesthetics

6. HyperX Haste 2 Wireless

The HyperX Haste 2 Wireless is right now the best HyperX mouse out there, be it in terms of specifications, quality, or features. For those after a wireless, lightweight, premium, and high-end gaming mouse from HyperX, this is the best that you can get.

With a weight of around 61g, it’s quite lightweight, and its specifications make it even better. It has the HyperX 26K sensor, 2.4GHz and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, premium HyperX switches, and a premium build with performance-oriented PTFE mouse skates.

With a price tag of just around 5900 INR, it’s quite affordable based on the performance and features that it offers and has amazing value for money.



Best specifications for a wireless HyperX mouse

Does not have optical switches

Amazing value for money


Excellent build quality

7. HyperX Haste Wireless

Now, if your budget is 5000 INR, but you still need a performance-oriented lightweight ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse from HyperX, then the last generation’s HyperX Haste Wireless is still an amazing option to consider.

Specification-wise, it’s not as good as the newer Haste 2 Wireless, but it’s still quite good and is able to compete against other wireless gaming mice in its range even now. Talking of specifications, this one features the Pixart PAW3335 sensor, TTC Golden Micro dustproof switches, 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, and a lightweight body of just 59g.

Overall, a great pick for those after an affordable wireless gaming mouse from HyperX.



Good set of specifications for the price

A bit old and outdated


Respectable build quality

Wireless yet affordable

8. HyperX Haste 2

Now, we have the first wired mouse on this list and it’s the HyperX Haste 2 , as you might have guessed it, the specifications of this variant are similar to the wireless one, except for the wireless part.

Instead of the 2.4GHz wireless, you get the HyperFlex 2 cable which ensures that there are no annoying cable drags, and guarantees a seamless user experience. This cable combined with the 53g lightweight makes this a smooth and snappy mouse that makes it perfect for gaming.

As for the other specifications, you get the same HyperX 26K sensor, and the custom HyperX switches. Another highlight and difference of this mouse is the 8000Hz polling which you don’t get in the wireless variant.

For a price tag of just around 4500 INR, the HyperX Haste 2 is certainly an amazing performer, and we can even say it's one of the best in its segment.



Best specifications for a wired HyperX mouse

Does not have optical switches

Superb value for money


Excellent build quality

Affordable based on its specifications

9. HyperX Haste

Now, we have the older HyperX Haste , and this is the pick for all those who are fine with a wired gaming mouse but want the best specifications with a small budget of 3500 INR. As for the specifications, it comes with the Pixart PAW3335 sensor, TTC Golden Micro dustproof switches, HyperFlex cable, and a lightweight body of just 59g.

For those after a budget-oriented wired gaming mouse with decent specifications and the quality of HyperX, the HyperX Haste is a great pick even today, and definitely worth considering if you have a tight budget.



For the price, the specifications are really good

A bit old and outdated

One of the lightest gaming mice on this list

Respectable build quality


10. Cooler Master MM712

Next up, we have another lightweight ambidextrous gaming mouse, and it’s the Cooler Master MM712. This one is one of the most affordable wireless gaming mice that you can get in India right now, and the specifications are quite good for the price.

As for the specifications, the CoolerMaster MM712 features powerful hardware inside. It has a pro-grade optical 19K sensor, hybrid 2.4GHz and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a lightweight body of 59g, and optical micro switches.

You can even use it in wired if you desire with the UItraweave cable making it perfect for the situations where you are out of charge, but need to use it urgently.

Overall, for the price, the CoolerMaster MM712 is certainly a mouse worth checking out, given its features, specifications, quality, and performance.



Sleek and elegant design with RGB lighting

Button for changing DPI is located at the bottom


Dual modes of wireless connectivity

Optical switches

11. Razer Orochi V2

Now, we have the last wireless mouse on the list, and it’s the Razer Orochi V2 . And, this mouse is for those who want a Razer wireless gaming mouse with a super long battery life under 4000 INR.

But, just because it’s affordable, does not mean that it has bad specifications. It comes with the Razer 5G Advanced optical sensor and Gen 2 mechanical switches. Now, these are not the best from Razer, but they are still good for the price, and you will be hard-pressed to find something better in this range.

The main highlight of this mouse is the battery life, using a single AA battery it can last for up to 950 hours in Bluetooth, and up to 425 hours while using Razer HyperSpeed connectivity.

It’s not too lightweight when used with an AA battery as it can weigh around 84g with the battery inside, but you can use an AAA battery to make it lighter if you want.



The most affordable wireless mouse on the list

Specifications are not too good for the price

Great value for money

Multiple wireless connectivity options

Long battery life

12. Logitech G203

Now, we will talk about the last Logitech mouse on this list and it’s the ultra-affordable Logitech G203 . The G203 is the most affordable gaming mouse from Logitech right now and has lots of good things going for it.

Talking of specifications and features, the G203 comes with a gaming-grade 8000 DPI optical sensor, ambidextrous design, 85g bodyweight, 6 programmable buttons, and customizable Lightsync RGB.

Now, this is definitely not comparable to the others we mentioned above, but for the entry-level price of just around 1400 INR, it’s a solid gaming mouse to get, based on the features, specifications, and all. Not to mention, it’s still one of the most popular gaming mice in the under 1500 INR price range.



Most affordable gaming mouse from Logitech

Not suitable for those with medium-sized or large-sized hands

Decent specifications for the price

Ambidextrous and symmetrical design

Balanced weight

Customizable RGB lighting

8. Razer DeathAdder Essential

The last mouse on this list is also the most affordable one. With a price tag of just 1300 INR, the Razer DeathAdder Essential is the most affordable gaming mouse from Razer.

Razer as a brand is quite popular in the gaming industry, so it’s no wonder that when a Razer mouse is available at such an affordable price range, it sells like hotcakes. But, apart from the brand name, there are other things that make the DeathAdder Essential as popular as it is.

Firstly, it has the iconic DeathAdder ergonomics and design, secondly the 6400 DPI gaming-grade optical sensor, and lastly Razer mechanical switches. When you combine all of that you get an amazing mouse, and when you get that under 1300 INR, that gets even better.



Most affordable gaming mouse from Razer

A bit heavy

Decent specifications and features for the price

Lacks RGB lighting

DeathAdder’s iconic and ergonomic design


Now, we have finally reached the end of our list. That was a long list, and we talked about not a few, but thirteen different white gaming mice that are available at different price points. We talked about various types of gaming mice here. This included wired mice, wireless mice, and even mice that are suitable for different hand orientations and types of gamers.

With such an extensive list, we believe that our viewers will definitely be able to shortlist their favorite white gaming mouse in 2024.

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