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Corsair is undoubtedly one of the most popular and premium brands when it comes to computer hardware. If it is premium and high-end computer components, or peripherals that you are after, you must check out products of this brand. Being a premium brand, its products are always top-notch and excellent in every aspect. Be it the quality, the performance, the features, anything. With a product of this brand, you are assured that what you have is the best. For these above reasons, Corsair is heralded as one of the top computer hardware brands in India. And, not just in India, but worldwide too. Corsair is an American computer hardware company that is based in California. It was founded 26 years ago, in January 1994. Now, in 2020, this brand makes a wide variety of computer parts. Not only does it make gaming peripherals such as gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, etc. But, it also makes several computer components such as storage devices, RAM, power supply units, etc. 

And that is not all, it even owns Elgato which specializes in products that are related to streaming. Corsair is just not a brand for gamers and enthusiasts. It offers entry-level, and affordable products too. And, that is true across its entire range of products. Thus, regardless of what kind of Corsair product you are after, and what kind of budget you have, you can get one. As said before this brand is known for its high-quality, and features. That is true even with these affordable products. You get the same premium feel and quality even at this small price tag.