Razer is a brand that almost any and every gamer has heard of. When it comes to gaming peripherals, there are very few brands that are as popular as Razer. In fact, it is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and reputed brands, if not the most. In terms of quality, features, and performance is almost unbeatable. Razer has a varied product portfolio and deals in various gaming peripherals such as gaming headphones, keyboards, mice, mousepads, etc. And, that is not all, you even have products such as microphones, keyboard wrist rests, keycap sets, etc. from Razer. Razer is quite popular in India too, after all, it is one of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to gaming peripherals. In fact, some of its products are so popular that some of the very old versions of a few of its products are still in demand.

Razer is an international brand, so a lot of you must be wondering about the warranty. Well, in India, you get a complete warranty for all the products. At EliteHubs, we sell completely original, sealed box products. Not only for Razer but for every product that is sold here. You get complete manufacturer’s warranty with our products. So, regardless of whatever product you purchase from EliteHubs, you would get complete warranty on it from Razer India. However, upon purchasing and receiving the product you have to register the product with Razer in order to claim warranty. To claim warranty for the products in India, all you need to do is head over to acrorma.com and fill in the required details.

The reason for which there is a high demand for Razer gaming products in India, and abroad is the performance that it has on offer. In terms of performance, very few brands can come close to Razer. So much so, that these products are used by several eSports professionals. And not just any eSports professionals, but by some of the top professional players in the world. Professional eSports players require the best gaming gear, the fact that many of them prefer Razer just shows the kind of performance that you can expect.

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