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ADATA XPG stands for Extreme Performance Gear. And, ADATA XPG is indeed worthy of this name. Just as the name suggests, with the products of this brand, performance is not something you need to be concerned about. ADATA XPG makes various types of PC parts, both components, and peripherals. ADATA XPG manufactures external storage devices, SSDs, cabinets, keyboards, mice, coolers, RAM, power supply, etc. And, regardless of the type of product, they also have a wide variety of options. ADATA is a Taiwanese company that specializes in manufacturing memory and storage devices. XPG (Extreme Performance Gear) is a sub-brand of ADATA and is popular for making gaming products. XPG produces various gaming peripherals such as gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, cabinets, etc. With ADATA you have a huge selection of components such as HDD (Hard Disk Drive), SSD (Solid State Drive), external storage device, etc. These are perfect if you are someone who is not into gaming, or high-end performance. You get ample features and a good level of performance, but nothing extreme.

But, if you are after some extreme performance, then you must check out the XPG products. As stated before, these are made specifically for gaming, and for the best performance. There are various types of products that are available with XPG. You have gaming peripherals such as mice, keyboards, headsets. Then, you also have high-speed NVMe storage devices. Other than that you also have liquid coolers, cabinets, etc. So, if you are planning on upgrading your existing components, or getting a new one, make sure to check out ADATA products.