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The Razer Gaming MousePad includes a smooth excellent material surface, which advances easy, catch free mouse floating. The flimsy, smooth cushion helps keep you in unlimited authority and zeroed in on the main job. Rubberized Base so no compelling reason to stress over the mouse cushion sneaking away—its consistent, rubber treated base keeps it safely set up. The mouse cushion adequately holds any level, hard, tabletop surface.; Perfect Design: Made with top notch elastic material for durable solid use. The mouse cushion is ideal for both optical or trackball mouse.

The waterproof covering will enable your mouse to get an exact following and will likewise be anything but difficult to clean.; Waterproof Material: Waterproof covering help your mouse get a precise following and snap. Non-slip backing evades the mouse cushion from sliding. Razer tries to make the best gaming mouse pads with an intention to deliver perfect balance of speed and to obtain highly responsive tracking. Some of the example of Razer Mouse pad are:-  Razer Goliathus Chroma, Control, Speed, Razer Gigantus, Mobile, Stealth Edition, etc.

Razer is one of the leading brands when it comes to Mouse,Keyboard,Headphones & Razer Mousepad.