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When it comes to processors/CPU, AMD processors are the talk of the town currently. You might be wondering what makes AMD processors so special. Well, here is what. Until a few years ago, it was Intel that dominated the market. This was happening because AMD was not making any new processors back then. However, it all changed in February 2017, when AMD launched its Ryzen series of processors. With the AMD Ryzen, we got features that were not expected at all. We got features that made even the die-hard Intel fans check them out. We got to see features such as simultaneous multithreading, unlocked chips, modern fabrication technology, low TDP, multiple cores, etc. You might be thinking that Intel offered all of these features too. And, you would be right.

However, these were only available in the high-end Intel chips. But, in the case of the Ryzen processors, these were available all across the board. Thus, all the Ryzen processors were overclockable, had multithreading, and had the other above-mentioned features. The Ryzen series was not as popular back then ss it is now though. Each year, it got upgraded and got significant improvements. Now, we are soon to receive the 4th generation of Ryzen processors. We have already got official information regarding the kind of performance we can expect, and trust us when we say this. It is excellent and way better than the current ones. With the 4th generation, we definitely expect to see an even bigger increase in demand for AMD processors.