The pc motherboard is the main body of your PC build. Every component, be it the processor, the graphics card, the storage devices, even your peripherals, all of them are connected to the computer motherboard, either directly or indirectly through I/O ports.

It is differentiated based on several factors, such as size, socket, RAM support, VRMs, I/O ports, etc. The sizes from small to large are, Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX, and Xl-ATX.

Needless to say, you need different-sized cabinets for different-sized boards. Another important thing to keep in mind while getting a board is the socket. Different sockets are made for different processors. So, if you get a wrong socket board, you won’t be able to use your processor.

Mother boards come at various price points with different sizes and different sets of features. It can have different number of RAM slots, different RAM frequency, different quality of VRMs, etc.

Here at EliteHubs, we have various boards from several reputed brands such as MSI, ASUS, AsRock, Gigabyte, etc. What’s more, is that we have motherboards at very competitive prices. So it does not matter what you need, a basic board, a mid-range one, or a premium board, we have it all here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How much do these boards cost?

PC motherboard price or computer motherboard price in India starts from a few thousands of rupees and can go all the way to tens of thousands. It all depends upon the brand, the features, the socket, chipset, etc.

For the most part, Intel motherboard price and AMD board prices are similar. The lower segment chipsets have a low motherboard cost and the ones with better chipsets have more motherboard cost. The more features a board comes with the higher the pc motherboard price is.

Generally speaking, gaming motherboard price is a lot more than that of regular ones. This is because Intel gaming motherboard and AMD gaming board as well, come with various unique features such as better sound cards, better connectivity, better VRMs, etc. But, the higher gaming motherboard price is well worth it at the end of the day. As, you get what you pay for with a gaming PC motherboard.

So, to sum it all up, computer motherboard price ranges from a few thousands of rupees, all the way upto multiple tens of thousands. All of it depends on things such as the features, the chipset, etc. of the CPU motherboard.

But, intel motherboard price is always similar to that of AMD ones, when the segment of the chipsets are the same. So, when the question is regarding the price of a cpu motherboard price, the answer is it depends. The cpu motherboard price can be low, and can also be very high. At the end of the day the board price in India depends on what it has.

Q2. Which is the best Motherboard for PC?

When it comes to computer motherboard, there are several brands out there such as Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, AsRock, etc. which do it. However, there is no such thing as the best motherboard for PC. The best choice for you however, will be based on what you need from your board.

For example, if you are running a basic i3 processor, and are looking for a basic i3 motherboard, then a basic micro atx motherboard which is also a cheap motherboard is the best choice for you. So, for such builds a basic i3 motherboard is just fine.

However, if you are using a high-end i5 processor, such as the i5 10600K. Then, a feature-rich i5 motherboard such as the Z series ATX motherboard will be the best motherboard for i5. As then, the processor can be overclocked, RAM support is higher, and overall, it is a better board in every way. So, for i5 motherboard a Z series is recommended, if not then a B series board at least.

Q3. What are the different Types of Desktop Motherboard Available?

Boards are available for different types of processors from different manufacturers. There are Intel motherboard for Intel processor, and AMD ones for AMD builds. In terms of intel motherboard price the pricing starts from a few thousand rupees for the H series boards, whereas the Z series boards cost a lot more than that.

The same is for AMD’s A series and X series boards. The boards can also be differentiated in terms of the chipset, for example, LGA 1155 motherboard , LGA 1151 motherboard and LGA 1200 motherboard. The LGA 1155 motherboard are for Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors.

LGA 1151 motherboard are for Sky Lake and Kaby Lake Processors. Whereas the latest motherboard, LGA 1200 motherboard is for Comet Lake and Rocket Lake processors.

In terms of AMD as well, there are different chipsets in the board for different series, and architectures of processors. With different series, and architecture of CPU, the RAM support also changes.

Older boards mostly DDR3 motherboard as they have support for DDR3 memory. Whereas, newer boards are DDR4 motherboard as they support DDR4 memory. Furthermore, the boards are also differentiated in terms of the size as well. There are Mini-ITX, M-ATX, ATX motherboard, and even E-ATX, and XL-ATX sizes of motherboards out there.

Q4. Which is the best Motherboard for Gaming?

The best motherboard for gaming will be a motherboard that has capabilities of excellent overclocking, along with good set of VRMs, and fast connectivity options. Furthermore, having support for latest generation USB ports, and a premium integrated sound card will also go a long way to ensure better gaming experience.

Q5. What is Motherboard in Computer?

It is one of the most important components of a computer. It is this component on which every other component is connected directly. So to answer the question of “what is motherboard in computer”, it is the part that holds it all together and makes sure that every part is able to communicate with the processor, which is the brain.

Q6. What is Motherboard with Processor and RAM price?

The answer is that it depends. It depends on the components chosen, and the requirements. The motherboard with processor and ram price can stretch from few tens of thousands of rupees to lakhs of rupees.

For example, a basic Intel build with a basic intel desktop board and 4GB of RAM would barely cost you 15,000 INR. If you are looking for suggestions of good cpu under 5000 INR. Then, we would recommend you  Pentium, or Athlon processors.  So, if you have only a very limited budget, and are looking for a cpu under 5000 INR, then these are your options.

Q7. How to do a Motherboard Comparison?

So, you have a specific budget, and you have found out few boards that are compatible with your build, and tick all the right boxes for you. How do you know which board is better? How will you do a motherboard comparison?

Well, it would be via checking out the manufacturer’s page for the details of that board. Also, check out the mother board images as well. Design can also play a big role. For that reason, mother board images are important as well.

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